22 February 2014

My Life in Pictures - Viva Glam x Rihanna & Food

I can't believe that my previous "My life in picture" blogpost was in December 2013 haha. A lot of things has happened in the past 2 months. A lot of you have probably seen these pictures on my instagram: Kawaiipeachies already. Follow me there if you haven't done so yet - you will be able to  check out my daily life pictures and sneak peeks of products that i'm going to review ^_-.
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Last week I went to the launch of the new Viva Glam x Rihanna collection at the MAC Cosmetics counter in Amsterdam. This collection contains a frosty red+blue lipstick and lipgloss. The combination of these two products are just STUNNING! Both products has a signature of Rihanna on it. You are able to purchase Rihanna's lipstick and lipgloss online already. It's also good to know that every cent of the selling price of Viva Glam goes to a good cause :).

My sis came to Holland for 3 weeks, some of you might know her since she used to blog as well. She works in China now so she stopped blogging. We decided to shop in Almere but we ended up buying food only hahah. Doner kebab is a snack that I used to like a lot but now… i just think it's a calorie bomb o_o". I also came across some salmon wasabi sushi flavor crisps.. hmm wondering if those are good…

You all know that blogging is just what I do in my free time. I have a full time job and I enjoy it there just because of the A-MAZING view that I have. And because of my sweet colleagues whom I always chill with during break time - having some chocolate milk at the coffee shop next door ^^. Life can be good sometimes….

Since my sis came back we decided to have some dim sum with the family. I always eat egg tarts there, so yumm!! And who likes chicken feet? lol.. i know, it looks gross hahaha. The view at the Chinese restaurant was so lovely ^^ YES! Amsterdam can be so pretty!

I didn't do much on Valentines day since I had to work. After work, I had dinner with my sisters at a Korean restaurants in The Hague. Did you girls have a lovely Valentine?

I also made some sushi during the weekend, I just can't eat sushi without having salmon hahah, i love it too much! Also, a new collection of Etude House was released on that day which is called Chocolate Kiss (picture reposted from bunbunmakeuptips)! Doesn't it look super cute? I might post more information about it later ^o^!

This is it for now, I hope you enjoyed this blogpost and I will see you next time! Much Love -x- Elisaaa
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