04 June 2013

Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation #51 and #52

Today I will be reviewing the Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal Foundation in 2 colors: #51 Light Vanilla and #52 Vanilla, which are the two lightest shades. This foundation has been raved by so many beauty bloggers and youtubers. This foundation is famous because of its healthy glow finish and that's the reason why i'm giving it a try as well. Is it really worth the hype or not? Lets figure it out... I've been using this foundation for two weeks now and these are my thoughts:

"Give your skin a radiance boost and leave it looking flawless for up to 16 hours! Bourjois’ new Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix foundation is enriched with a fruit therapy formula to enhance your complexion. It contains apricot for radiance, melon for hydration and apple to protect your youth. It is also enriched with crystalline pigments to even out the complexion while letting in the natural light for that healthy looking glow. Its soft, fresh texture easily blends onto the skin for a comfortable flawless finish leaving you with beautiful, radiant and hydrated skin for 8 hours. Available in 8 radiance boosting shades to suit every skin tone for fresh-looking skin."

I purchased it at my local drugstore, normally it's €14.99 each, but they had a buy 1 get 1 free deal, so i had 2 products for the price of 1. Nice right?! If you are living outside The Netherlands, i'm sure you can find it at your local drugstore as well.

It comes with a red pump and the bottle is made of hard plastic. The pump works great, the product comes out easily. The cap does get dirty sometimes if you're not cleaning the opening after every usage.
It smells like fresh apples and it is a bit strong. I love the scent of apples so i don't mind it at all and the scent will go away after application. However, I can imagine that some people might not like it. The texture is liquid-y, which makes it very easy to spread. You might think that it is sheer, but it's not, you don't need much product at all!
In the pictures below you can see the swatches of the colors #51 Light Vanilla and #52 Vanilla. The colors that you see below are true to the real color. Both shades are a bit brown/orange looking and that is definitely noticeable on the face as well. I have a pink undertone and am a NC15,
The coverage of this foundation is medium, as you can see below it covers up dark spots pretty well! You don't need much product at all. However, this foundation somehow looks very cakey on the skin. No matter how much i put, eventhough it's just a little, it will look cakey on me and i don't like that look at all.

• Medium coverage, evens out your complexion
• Very dewy finish (a bit too much for me, but a bit powder helps)
• Didn't dry out my skin
• Foundation is easy to spread
• Can find it at many drugstores
• Price is reasonable
• Great packaging, great pump
• Nice fruity scent (personal preference)
• 8 shades available, also for dark skin tones
• No SPF ( can be a pro if you take pictures with flash )
• #51 suits my skin tone (nc15)

• Looks cake-y on the face, not natural at all
• Accentuates dry spots
• Doesn't last for 16 hours
• #52 looks orange on the face, doesn't match my skintone at all
• Not suitable for very dry skin or oily skin
• No SPF ( can be a con for people who want to use this at daytime )
• Scent, the apple scent is a bit strong so not everybody might like it
• It will go into your fine lines after a few hours, so a retouch is needed

I bought two colors since i didn't know which one would suit me better. Oh my, i regret for buying #52 because it is way too dark for me and it looked so orange on my face! I'm glad that #51 matches my skin tone, the color is lighter and less orange looking. It has a nice scent and the foundation is easy to spread. I had been searching for a foundation without SPF, mainly for the nighttime when pictures with flash will be taken, so i'm happy that this one doesn't have SPF. However, it would be better if i could use the same foundation during day and night right? It's a pity that i can't use this at daytime, since it looks super cake-y on my face, doesn't matter how thin i apply it. So yeah, i'm going to use this when i go clubbing only. It covers most of my spots, it does gives me a flawless skin but it's just so cake-y looking =/.

Buy if you are searching for a foundation for nighttime, with a dewy finish and a medium coverage. Don't buy if you have a very dry skin or an oily to very oily skin. Also if you are looking for a foundation with SPF, this one doesn't have it.
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