22 December 2012

What to wear on Christmas eve?

It's almost Christmas!!! Do you know what to wear on Christmas eve yet? It's always hard to find a lovely dress for this day and I know that you don't want to spend a lot of money on your outfit since you won't wear it that often afterwards, or some people will only wear it once. Today I will share some affordable outfits that you can wear during Christmas eve or you can check this blogpost out just for some inspiration. Lots of products which are mentioned in this blogpost are from Tally-weijl.com, they didn't pay me to write this or anything. I just love their affordable & stylish products and I just had to share these with you girls.
1. Peplum Bandeau black dress : €29,95
2. Erlinde pumps : €74,24
3. Menbur Paxton Clutch : €34,95
4. Gold wrist cuff : €6,95
5. Collar necklace : €5,95
6. Baroque cuff : €5,95
7. Miss KG Pollyanna Delicate Court Shoes - €62,51
8. Tally Knuckle-box clutch : €25,95
9. Gold spiral ring : €5,95
10. Jones and Jones Prom dress : €78.-

You can also look at these outfits:

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