15 October 2012

My Beauty Diary - Orange Blossom & White Lotus Mist

I have been extremely busy girls, so i wasn't able to post a blogpost during the previous week. How have you all been ^^? In today's blogpost I will be talking about the orange blossom & white lotus moisturizing mist from My Beauty Diary. I have mentioned this product before on my sasa haul blogpost, see blogpost. Keep on reading if you want to know more about this product.
No matter if it's summer or winter, it's always useful to have a moisturizing mist in your bag. The mist is infused with orange and white lotus plus contains something called Aquaxyl which instantly moisturizers and replenishes the skin. You can definitely smell the scent, but it's not overwhelming. However, i'm sure that some people might not like it. People with sensitive skin should test it out first before spraying your whole face with it. This mist is suitable for all skin types.

Price & where to buy?
I purchased it on sasa.com for around $5.- (go to the product link) which is quite expensive for such a small bottle (60ml). However, I'm a huge sucker for cute packaging and I needed a moisturizing mist, so that's why I bought it.

It says "new" on the packaging, but as far as i know, this product is already on the market for more than a year.

How to use? 
Hold the spray far away and spray towards the face 2-3 times, slightly pat the product in with your hands. Of course you need to close your eyes when spraying. The product absorbs within a few seconds. You can use this product before applying make up, but it's not a setting spray!

My opinion 
Does it really work? It does work as a nice lightweight moisturizing mist. It gives me a fresh and moist feeling afterwards. This product is great during the Summer or if you want to refresh your skin throughout the day. The size of the bottle is great to take around with, but I wish they had a bigger size available as well. Another downside is that the dry patches are still visible after spraying, so this isn't moist enough to cover that, you might want to use a moisturizer afterwards if you have flakey/dry skin.

Have your ever tried a moisturizing mist before? 

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