27 June 2012

How To: Caviar Nails with micro beads

You probably have seen the latest nail art trend: Caviar Nails (fish egg nails)! Ciaté recently introduced the product into the market and it became a huge success partly thanks to famous bloggers and beauty guru's like Michelle Phan who promoted the product. The Caviar Nails Kit can be purchased at Sephora for $25.-. I know right, way too expensive for some micro beads! Caviar Nails can be simply created with just a few inexpensive materials. In this blogpost I will show you how to create them while saving plenty of money!

Get everything ready
You can buy the small micro beads at Ebay.com. I recently purchased it from this seller: Ashopone for $2.50 or so. I don't recommend these beads though since the packaging sucks and the bottles are extremely small. One bottle wasn't even enough for all of my nails lol, so I recommend to find an other seller on Ebay. Anyways, if you have the micro beads, make sure you have some nail polishes which matches with the beads and a base & top coat. One of the important equipments is a hairspray cap or any other cap where you can mix two colors. Also another cap which will keep the beads in one place when the beads fall off of your nails.

Step 1 : Apply a base coat and let it dry.
Step 2 : Apply one layer of nail polish of the color that you prefer. I've used a fuchsia nail polish here.
Step 3 : Mix two colors and make sure that they are matching with your nail polish color.
Step 4 : Apply another coat of nail polish and while your nail is still wet, spring some pearl beads on your nails. Work on one nail at the time.
Step 5 : Use your tweezer and remove the excess beads. Also, press the beads on your nails down a bit to keep it on its spot.
Step 6 : Seal the edge of your nails with a top coat to ensure durability, make sure you allow the beads to set for at least 15 minutes.
Step 7 : When it's fully dried up, continue with your next nail. Voilá you are done!
Lets try it with a different color shall we? Use the same steps..

My opinion
Well... Do these micro beads stay on your nails for a long time?! NOPE!
It started to fall off after half an hour lol. Eventhough I applied a top coat afterwards, it didn't help. Ciaté promises that it will stay for 48 hours. I doubt it if it would stay for so long. Besides, I didn't even do a lot of things with my hands that day, but it will easily go off when you wash your hands or when you zip your zipper up or something. So yeah, enough said right?! If you ask me if I would purchase this again I would say no, because it won't stay long on your nails. However, it does looks extremely CUTE though XD! I'm loving the " 3-D " effect that it creates.

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