09 April 2012

Winner of the Ordinary Sundays Scarf Giveaway

As you all know, the Ordinary Sundays Scarf giveaway has ended ^^. Thank you to the people who joined the giveaway. I'm always happy to host giveaways because 1.) I'm happy to giveaway free stuff and I'm sure that YOU LOVE to receive free stuff as well and 2.) It's always fun to get to know new products and new brands. Well, this time I introduced the company Ordinary Sundays to you girls ^^. I hope that you've checked out their lovely assortment, otherwise I definitely recommend to check it out^^. These scarfs are unique designed and it's definitely a MUST HAVE accessory for this season. Anyways, lets announce the winner for this giveaway shall we ^___^?! (please scroll down) ...
The winner of this giveaway is ...... MARION LEVI UY ! Congratulations girl ^^! I will e-mail you within these few days, so make sure to keep an eye on your mailbox ;). Thank you for joining and also thank you Jenny from Ordinary Sundays for sponsoring this giveaway :).


  1. Lucky winner! :P Hope they love it!

  2. btw. have you received the package that i've send to you? 

  3. Congratsssss ^____^!! hope you will like the scarf as well :D 

  4.  I haven't. :( You'd definitely hear about it if I did.

  5. Congrats to the winnner! :)

  6. hmm, thats weird.. it should be there by now . hope it will arrive soon =/


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