Mascara Commercials - Don't Get Fooled!

Seriously, when you look at most of the mascara TV commercials. Do you really think that the mascara will create that extra volume? Do you really think that the mascara will create that extra length? I don't... I only think that the wand of the mascara looks cool lol, but I never bought a mascara after watching a TV commercial, because I know I will be disappointed afterwards. Most of the time you won't get the same effect like in the TV commercials, so don't get fooled by it!

Have you ever purchased a mascara after watching a mascara ad?

I'm really getting tired of the mascara ads now-a-days, because the models in the commercials are usually wearing fake eyelashes, extensions or it's just photoshopped. (I don't say that all mascara ads are fake, just many of them.) It's all misleading and exaggerated, just like this one:

What do I usually do before buying a mascara? One mascara costs around €10.- to €15.- each and you will throw it away after 3 months. Every year you will spend approximately €60.- or more on mascaras. However, you won't just buy any mascara that you see in the drugstore right? It's still important to buy a mascara which really does its work and which is suitable for your eye lashes. Not only the formula is important but also the wand. I usually read many reviews and watch Youtube videos before purchasing a mascara. Have you seen this video from Michelle Phan before? This might help if you're still looking for a mascara that is suitable for your eyelashes:

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