14 June 2011

[FREE] Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash

Everybody knows the brand Dove... Dove recently has a new shower cream in the market, which is called the Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash. Have you tried it out yet?

What is the Dove Difference? Nourishment. Only Dove Body Wash has Nutrium Moisture TM - our unique blend of moisturizers enriched with skin-natural lipids that can absorb completely to nourish deep down while you shower. Deeply nourishing. Clean rinsing. Always beautiful. For best results use ever day.
Source: Dove.co.uk

My body is often very dry since I don't use body cream/butter that often "Yes I'm lazy and I often forget it", so this might be a great solution for my dry skin :). Do you have a dry skin as well and would you like to try this product out..? I have great news for you then ;) you're now able to get a free sample of this body wash on their website. Only people in Belgium & The Netherlands are able to request this sample. I requested a sample to try it out and this is how it looks like:
It came with a nice packaging ^___^ and it was a sample with 55 ml product. At the back of the packaging there was a sticker with the ingredients on it.

The product
The body wash is just white and creamy. The scent is just like all of the other Dove products.

Does it really nourish the body?
Yes it really does ^^ I've tried this for a week and my body doesn't feel dry anymore and no spots are visible. This is definitely a great product for my dry skin, lol it's great for people who are too lazy to apply body butter after showering. Besides, if you like the Dove scent, you definitely need to try this body wash out :).

Inhabitants in The Netherlands can request a sample here: http://nl.dove.com/nl/douchecreme/participate. People who are living in Belgium can request it here: http://be.dove.com/nl/showergel/participate. It took a month till it arrived at my place, so don't expect a fast delivery.

Have you tried any Dove products before? Do you like it?


  1. Ik heb hem aantal weken geleden ook gekregen ^^
    Niet veel bijzonders eigenlijk. Ruikt naar de autentieke Dove geur, en is lekker schuimig :P


  2. Die heb ik ook binnen gekregen, alleen nog niet geprobeerd. Ik bewaar hem om mee te nemen op vakantie, lekker handig. Maar klinkt goed! :D

  3. I've always been using Dove's Body Wash anyway, but if this new version is even more nourishing and moisturising, I'm up for it! Thanks for sharing!

    The sample is pretty generous in size :)

  4. @Ice pandora, jup hij ruikt gwn naar alle andere dove producten xD

    @Joan, jaa deze is echt een mini/ in travel size die je makkelijk op vakantie kan meenemen :D

  5. @Joey, yeah, i first thought that it would be a very small sample that you can only use once xD

  6. aah dove is my favorite brand too =D I'm just into their shampoo and I won't switch to other brand! I <3 dove~~


  7. thanks for the link! (:

    i was a big fan of dove back in the states, especially of their "go fresh" line - the scents were always a great pick me up (i've tried pomegranate & lemon verbena, grapefruit & lemongrass, and cucumber & green tea).

    i've seen the same variety at kruidvat i think, and will buy it eventually... but i'm still balking at prices here. :P

  8. Ik hou niet van Dove :( ik vind die geur die er altijd wel een beetje in zit niet lekker!

  9. Wat leuk! Ik heb nu een sample aangevraagd ^^

  10. @Marjolein, de geur vind ik opzich wel ok, maar niet m'n favoriet :)

  11. Oeh klinkt goed :D Leuk dat je ons meedeelt dat er een sample te krijgen valt!

  12. whoaa thats a hugeee sample size! i love dove :D

  13. Ik heb hem ook besteld, maar dat is inmiddels volgens mij al bijna een maand geleden. Hoe lang duurde het bij jou?

  14. @Roos, ik denk dat het ongeveer een maand duurde totdat ik 'm kreeg.. dus even afwachten nog ;) veel mensen hebben het wel ontvangen, dus ik denk dat het bij jou ook gewoon aankomt :).

  15. I haven't tried their body washes but I love their bar soaps because they're so much more moisturizing than most soaps :)

  16. oOOh I've used this before and indeed it is very moisturizing ^_^

  17. aww everyone likes freebies hehe - i'm all about body-moisturizing right now!

  18. Ah, that product sounds good! Also requested it from the website some weeks ago, hope it will arrive soon ^^


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