22 April 2011

Review: Blooming of Beauty - Peruvian Sunflower

I've tried a lot of My beauty diary masks from their natural key line already. I recently tried the peruvian sunflower mask of the My Beauty Diary Blooming of Beauty series. The Blooming of Beauty line is separate from the the natural key line and it has a different packaging, formula and price tag. These are limited edition masks and are quite hard to find on the internet & in stores. A friend of mine bought these masks for me while she was in Hong kong last month :). Besides the peruvian sunflower mask, they also have:
1. Japanese Hydrangea Mask – Oil Control & Soothing
2. French White Lily Mask – Whitening & Soothing
3. Formosa White Phalaenopsis Mask – Whitening & Evens skin tone
4. Vienna Black Tulip Mask – Firming & Soothing
5. Coldstone Damask Rose Ice cream mask - Brightening, Moisturizing & improves skin radiance (CAN'T WAIT TO TRY THIS ONE ^___^!)
The peruvian sunflower mask claims to be extremely moisturizing. It is suitable for all skin types.

It has a very cute packaging ^=^, cuter than the natural key line packaging! As you can see it's yellow & orange and there is a small sunflower on it. I'm loving the ruffled top as well! Btw. one box comes with 5 masks.

Scent & Texture
It is lightly floral scented. I like the scent of this mask cause it smells so fresh ^o^. The amount of serum is just like the natural key line ones and there is yet enough serum for your neck. The size of the mask is the same as well. However, this mask felt a lot softer than the regular masks of My beauty diary which is a pro. 

How to use
Clean your face and pat it dry. Throw away the plastic sheet. Unfold the sheet mask and put it on your face for 20-30 minutes. When it's time to pull the sheet mask off, you gently massage the excess tonic on your face and wait till everything is absorbed.

My opinion
It has a nice floral scent, it's moisturizing and the mask itself is very soft. However, I just expected to be more moisturizing compared to the natural key line masks. Unfortunately, these were below my expectations. This mask didn't blow me away, but I don't regret buying it either. My skin did feel soft after usage and it's overall a good mask, but I don't know if I would repurchase it since it's more expensive than the natural key line masks and I have enjoyed other masks more.

My rate for this mask is: ♥♥♥♥ 4/5
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