08 January 2011

Get inspired at Lookbook.nu

I'm quite sure that most of you guys know what LOOKBOOK is right? People across the whole world are posting their looks on this website. It´s the leading online community dedicated to fashion inspiration. People on this website likes to showcase their own looks and people who are visiting this website likes to get inspired by them. I love it ♥! I have my own account there, but I don´t post much, since I´m a bit lazy hehhehe...

However, I do have a few favorites that I´m following for a while and I would like to share them with you :). Do you have your own account at Lookbook as well? Post it in the comment section ^-^♥!

1.) Pinkspider | http://lookbook.nu/pinkspider | She lives in Vancouver.

2.) Anastasia S. | http://lookbook.nu/user/45836-Anastasia-S | Living in Jakarta :)

3.) Andy T. | http://lookbook.nu/andytorres | Living in Amsterdam

There are many more that I really like, but I won't show all of them xD.


  1. Ahh. I love looking at lookbook ^-^! I have an account too but I haven't posted anything up yet >___<"!

  2. Yes, I have http://lookbook.nu/lovesljd hehe

  3. I loooove lookbook! I could spend hours just admiring everyone's outfits haha. I agree though, it is definitely a good source of inspiration :)

  4. I also follow Anastasia on Lookbook. I love her looks! I think she can pull off anything because of her slim figure and gorgeous hair xD

  5. Reply to all

    @Melody, ahww melody !! you should post your looks on it =D your looks are always so cute ^^ !

    @Juuun, zo ffkes naar kijken ^^ hihi.

    @rinny, whoa, me too. sometimes, just when I'm bored i can stay on that website for a long time lol xD there are so many people there with great looks =D

    @michelle, i love her style =D and i agreeee with you about her hair and figure hahaah xD!

  6. Ik volg Lookbook via Facebook =)) Ben zooo jaloers op al die stijlvolle mensen =))

  7. @mitchin, ik oook !! =( en ben altijd benieuwd waar mensen hun kleding vandaan hebbe. maar het staat er bijna nooit bij >.<

  8. love your picks, especially the first one ^^

  9. thnks for sharing this! I clicked on the link and i was surfing on the website for at least half and hour. the fashion there is very inspiring!!

  10. I love Pinkspider and Andy<3 I'm getting tired of Anastasia's outfits though. Unfanned her a long time ago. xD I have a Lookbook account as well and sign in once in a while for inspiration. I've stopped posting there ever since I got a blog. xD

    P.S. the heels you commented on on my blog are 4" high. :P

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  11. I have lookbook too ^^ but haven't posted anything lol, but I wanna try and do so soon :) hoping for the best :P
    I follow Andy Torres too (: love her looks~

  12. i love looking through lookbook!

    but i don't have one XD


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