18 December 2010

Snow can be fun and pretty ^_^

Yes, snow can be fun and pretty ^_^!! Are you guys enjoying the white snow at your place? A few days ago we had a snowstorm in Holland and luckily I was just at home that day. It caused so many problems on the road o_o". After the snowstorm I really wanted to go outside and just walk in the snow hahah.. Yes i'm kinda crazy, most of the people just want to stay at home with this weather =p. Ahh well, I had to go to the post office and I took a few pictures on my way to it ^__^~

A few kids in my neighborhood made this snowman xD lol. It's a bit chubby huh =p

It's all so WHITE o_o"!!!! All bikes are looking the same now =p


  1. Snow is super fun now that you don't have to travel with the NS :D

  2. Leuke foto's! Helaas ligt hier niet zoveel sneeuw, die sneeuwstorm is hier niet langsgekomen :(

  3. That is so cool xD
    I really wish it could snow around here too *-*!

  4. @potato, jahwelll, nu ff rusten en chillen enzo xD maar ik leef nog wel hoor!!!

    @melody, haha, i wish that it was a bit hotter here =(

    @Marieke, thanks =D! huh, ik dacht dat er overal wel sneeuw was gevallen?

    @mei, indeed ;) ik had gehoord dat sommige mensen echt pas na 4 uur pas naar huis konden o_o terwijl het normaal maar half uur duurde =.= allemaal door de sneeuwstorm, niks reeed =/

  5. Holy cow! :O All that snow on the bikes! I want it to snow where I live right nowwww! :((

  6. @michelle, hahah, snow aint fun all the time. It's very slippery right now >.<" not fun anymore =/

  7. that snowman has a fat ass!

  8. All that snow! What a nice big snowman omg! We only got a few inches so no snowman just yet but looking at these photos makes getting further into winter more exciting!

  9. Wat een superleuke foto's!
    Kom je ook es langs op mijn blog :D?

  10. Reply to all:
    @dwag0ns, yes it is =D !!

    @Ken, WHUHAHAHAH.. indeed he's CHUBBY!!!! XD

    @Jenny, hope you will get snow during xmas =D !!

    @thekralice, dank je wel ^^

  11. ahh omg that's so pretty ^_^! we haven't had any snow in my area yet :( hopefully there will be for christmas~

  12. O__O omg so much snow on bikes!!!


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