23 September 2010

Vietnamese restaurant: Little V in Rotterdam

There aren't many Vietnamese restaurants in Holland. I never went to one before and many friends of mine went to Little V and said it was nice, so I became curious and wanted to try it as well :)
Our drinks ^_^~ looks nice right? It was ice tea, the yellow one tasted like ginger and the red ones tasted like raspberries. It was very fresh!
Entrée: The famous Pho ^_^! I ate this for the very first time ~ and i liked it, have you tried i before?
Side dish: Cold dish with veggies and shrimps which were very small, not sure what the name was~ didn't really liked this one though >.< Photobucket
Our main dish: this wasn't all, we ordered more than this hehehe..
Everything was good, the service was ok ^_^! The dishes aren't that expensive there, it depends what you order. We had ordered a lot of dishes and it was around 35 euros per person (4 people). I would go there again if I'm in Rotterdam. So, it's recommended :) The restaurant is easy to find, not far from the metrostation: Blaak, only 5 minutes walk or so from the metrostation..
While we were waiting for the metro :)

Grotekerkplein 109
3011GC Rotterdam
Tel.: 010 413 11 91

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  1. food! =O

    here's my tag post =)

  2. i love viet food, springrolls pho noodles bbq breadroll all yummy!!!!

    xoxo elle

  3. I just discovered viet food not so long ago and I love it ! I've already tasted "phô" and this thing is soo healthy & tasty at the same time. I'm not a huge fan of soups but I really like phô =)

  4. I tried several Vietnamese restaurants, they are very popular around here. My ex and I often go out for Pho at a small place near my house :3

  5. Reply to Elle, Tommy & Suteisi

    @Elle, Yessss, I really like the fried springrolls as well with chili sauce <3 yummyy =D! want to eat it again haha

    @Tommy, I also just discovered it haha, there aren't many vietnamese restaurants in holland =( so sad, are there many in France =) ?

    @Steisi, really? whaa you're so lucky ! I have to travel 1.5 hours to go to this restaurant T_T"

  6. That looks soooooo delicious. Thanks for posting. :-)

  7. @Ken, Yesss the food !! hahaha =p


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