03 August 2010

8 Random Questions Tag

Thank you Jennifer for tagging me ^^!

The rules
People who are tagged must answer the 8 questions, make their own 8 questions and pass it to 8 blogging buddies by notifying them on their blog :)

These are 8 questions tagged for me to answer:
1. Why did you start your own blog?
I actually started this blog, because I went to Asia the whole year in 2009 to study and to do my internship. So I made this blog to let my friends&family know how my life in Shanghai was and what I did there, I wrote about my adventures et cetera. And when I came back to Holland, I just wanted to move on with this blog, because it had become an addiction. And many friends had told me that they liked my blog and this is actually the reason what has been motivating me to write this blog.

2. Who inspires you the most?
Wow, though question... Uhmm I would say,.. my mom who can make the most yummiest Chinese snacks and food ever ='D

3. What is something unique about yourself?
I can eat quite a lot for a little girl gna gna ='D, especially Japanese food. It just depends in what kind of mood I'm in and with who I am.

4. Name an electronic appliance that you can live without.
An electronic toothbrush, I had one when I was young, but I think that the old school toothbrush is way better xD

5. Who is closest to you in your family (includes extended family) and why?
Probably my sisters, because they know more about me than my parents I think.

6. Describe your view of a 'perfect day'
Just relax and chill with my best friends, chat & laugh about everything and nothing, enjoy the nice weather and eat a lot of good stuff. Very simple... but I just like the simple life^^

7. How would you react if someone randomly comes up to you and says that they know you from your blog and they've been following you?
It would really surprise me, since my blog isn't that popular haha

8. What's the best gift that you've ever received?
Hmmm.. I would say a nintendo DS from a very good friend of mine ^^. Awesome gift which I'd never expected.

I actually liked to answer these eight questions, people never had asked me this before haha.
Anyways; these are my 8 questions:
1. Why did you start your own blog?
2. What phrase or word do you say every day?
3. Who is your make up idol?
4. What can easily make you happy?
5. What and when was your most shameful moment?
6. Describe your personal style when it comes to fashion.
7. What kind of food or which dishes do you like to eat the most?
8. If you found $500 USD on the ground all of a sudden, what would you do with it?

I'm tagging !
1. Sheree
2. Trishie
3. Gaby
4. Petitechouxx
5. Lily
6. SJ
7. Ronnie
8. Nic Nic

Let me know when you've done the tag ^^ !! xx.


  1. Hi Elisa! Thanks for tagging me, even though I've already done this tag! I will answer your questions here:

    1. Because I enjoyed reading fashion and beauty magazines so much, I could never get enough! So I discovered beauty blogs and decided to start my own (=
    2. I say "Go fuck yourself" a lot. Oh and "shit", "fuck"... and things like that LOL.
    3. I don't have a make-up idol, really.
    4. ,,,makeup, I guess? LOL. My boyfriend, my friends, animals, music...
    5. OMG I had so many... I really don't know... maybe the last time I went clubbing with some friends, one of my guy friend started grinding on my back but I didn't see him so I though it was a stranger, so I turned around so quickly that I made him drop his drink all over the floor... and the glass broke, too xD
    6. I'm not sure what's my style, really. I live in skinny jeans, I don't like baggy or lose clothes. Oh, and I don't care what others think (=
    7. In Quebec, we have that dish named poutine. It's basically french fries in gravy sauce and cheese (you know, the cheese that makes "squich-squich" when you eat it? LOL). It's soooo bad for your health but it tastes wonderful! I'm addicted =D
    8. I would buy clothes and beauty products, of course! =D

  2. Mine's done


  3. Haha, apparently a lot of people have shameful moments very often xD including me ='D

    anyways, thanks for answering both of you^^

  4. thank for answering the questions :D
    i agree with you about the electric toothbrush! i always stick with the 'old school' toothbrush haha

  5. Anyone like to answer any of my questions by any chance?
    Here comes my 8 Questions:
    1) How old were you when you start dating your first boyfriend?
    2) What's your favourite quote?
    3) What's your fashion pet peeves?
    4) Give one of the products you regret buying and WHY?
    5) What's the worst epic chat-line have you ever heard?
    6) What's your favourite eyeshadow color?
    7) Name 3 make up brands that you heard of but that they don't launch in your country
    8) Have you made any great friends in this blog? Mind sharing WHY they are the great friends of yours?

  6. thank you for tagging me!! I gotta find time to do this tag XD

  7. lol i can eat a lot of japanese food too! omnomnom

    thanks for this fun tag! i'll do it this weekend :D

  8. sorry for being late!!!

    here: http://petitechouxx.blogspot.com/2010/08/8-random-questions-tag.html


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