26 July 2010

So crazy~ all those give aways

All those giveaways lately and all those awesome prizes ^^ I just love it!
1. First of all, you can still join my give away, by clicking on the picture on the sidebar, or you can simply go to this link: http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/06/50-followers-give-away.html

2. I've joined another give away lately and this time from Milk & Cookiie. Go to their blog by clicking on their names, you can win many prizes =).

3. And of couse the shoponblog.com give away which I joined yesterday!

Check it out ^^ I'm glad to share these giveaways with you guys


  1. Thank for the support bb! ♥

    (Ik hoop dat je het qua gevoel niet te lastig vond en dat je er wel plezier aan had.. :P)

    ★ Cookiie

  2. I think my ideal lipgloss I am intending to choose if I win would b Peach Orange also, and... Gelatto glitter, ive got a few pinks in my make up collection that I am happy with already, bt might need another color to top it to make it nude =)


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