02 July 2010

Clinique lash power mascara review

Clinique lash power mascara long wearing formula (Color: Black)
This is actually one of my first mascaras and I bought this one because I saw a few good reviews on youtube. I'm allergic to some mascaras and I've tried a few mascaras of Maybelline before and my eyes got all red and swollen because of it (for the whole week!). So that's why I wanted to try a mascara of Clinique. However, I totally regret that I bought this one, cuz its not waterproof! It doesn't hold the curl and its expensive! The only thing which was good was the brush, its very small, so you can put mascara on every eye lash.

x Small brush
x Doesn't smell
x Wasn't allergic to it

x Expensive
x Doesn't hold the curl
x Smudges
x "Extension visible" : not really =(

Rate: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 0/5


  1. Ja, Clinique mascaras zijn veel te duur voor wat ze zijn :/

    Heb je Rimmel Sexy Curves al eens geprobeerd? Mijn ogen zijn heel gevoelig en mijn ooghuid allergisch en die mascara vind ik tot nu toe het fijnst van alle mascaras die ik heb uitgeprobeerd :)

  2. you should return it! the quality doesn't sound like it's worth the money! for high-end mascaras I'd recommend lancome :) they hold curls really well and are waterproof. maybe you could give it a try (:

  3. oh and I've heard good things about YSL mascaras too (but I've never tried it... even more pricier than lancome, lol)

  4. Non-waterproof mascaras don't work for me either. Have you ever tried Japanese mascaras? Perhaps you can try using the Shiseido mascara base before applying this mascara (or other non-waterproof ones). Works like a charm for me. :D

    ♥ Milk

  5. @frances,, couldn't return it =( cuz I had opened it already >.<" And I really was considering to buy a mascara of lancome, I've read some good reviews about those!

    @suzy, nope haven't used that one before, hmm maybe i should try that one, is it waterproof and does it holds the curl?

    @Milk; I actually never used a mascara base before, cus the one i'm using now: maxfactor mascara false lash effect. Is working fine ^_^~ I never gonna buy a non-waterproof mascara anymore xD haha, it sucks~!


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