28 June 2010

Vichy Normateint Anti-imperfection review

A lot of people don't know that Vichy also has a foundation line. A friend of mine recommended this product 2-3 years ago, but I hadn't write a review about this product before. I have a combination skin, so I bought this product for my oily T-zone.
- It's available in 5 shades
- It contains 30ml
- Price; around 17 euros
- It has SPF20

The anti-imperfections make-up foundation Normateint of Vichy Laboratories is a sebum-proof make-up foundation enriched by cleansing-actives for a clean, matte and stable dye. I used the color 25 NUDE.
The foundation has a yellow undertone, which I don't like cuz its making my face look orange after applying it. Which I really don't like of this product is that it dries super fast and it has a light-medium coverage. So if you want to build the foundation up, you have to be really fast =/. And it doesn't stay the whole day long. However, this foundation doesn't feel cakey at all, it glides evenly over the skin and it gives me a matte finish. It is a good product for people with an oily skin.

♥ Price
♥ matte finish
♥ nice scent
♥ it has spf 20

♥ Light-medium coverage
♥ packaging, pump would be better
♥ doesn't last the whole day
♥ it dries super fast

My rate: ♥♥♥♥♥ 3.3/5
Overall, the Vichy foundation is quite good, but I won't purchase this product again, since the BB cream is more suitable for me. Read the review about Missha's BB cream here: http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/06/missha-m-perfect-cover-bb-cream-review.html


  1. ahh thanks for sharing :) ben nog altijd op zoek naar de perfecte foundation!

  2. For €17 is it a fail and exspensive product.

  3. @mei, ik vind 't eigenlijk niet echt een fail, net als de BB cream, heeft het een positief effect op je huid, terwijl vele andere foundations juist een slecht effect hebben; porien verstoppe, meer puistjes krijge etc.. En zo'n tube kan je een jaar gebruike :)

  4. Die heeft inderdaad een hele gele ondertoon :/ Ik vind de producten van Vichy nooit zo denderend :(

  5. das niet helemaal waar dat anere foundations verstoppe
    je moet er gewoon 1 hebben op waterbasis en zat andere foundations zijn waterbasis. en als jij eerst een dagcreme opdoet en 2min later de foundation dan kan ik jou garanderen dat je porien niet verstopt raken


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