12 June 2010

Pose 9 Taggers

You probably still remember this post right? : http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/05/pose-9-tag.html . Unfortunately not everybody who I tagged did the poses, but I'm happy that some of you did ^_^! The task was to do exact the same 9 poses, I have put the pictures next to each other xD. This is the result:
Thank you a lot Mei (from Holland), Jian (from England) and Fionaa (from London) for doing this tag \(^o^)/♥ cute pictures!
Who do you think is the best? You may decide ;)


  1. Eeeeehm. I think...Ahhh I like all of them!!! xD I already checked them all out before to be honest. =P

  2. hahahaha :P It's funny to see it next to each other xD l0l


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