13 June 2010

Chinese traditional food; 糭子


Zongzi with curry chicken in it

Say oehlala~ doesn't it look yummy ^-^? My mom made a bunch, like around 60+ of zong zi to give it to relatives and friends. And ofcourse, also for us ='D, I couldn't eat my mom' zong zi last year, because I was in Nanchang >.<". I also ate zong zi there once, but there was like a 1mm meat piece in it T_T like OMG! They are so poor there :( 糭子/粽子 (zong zi) is a traditional Chinese food, made of rice stuffed with different fillings, wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. It is traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival, which is approximately in May to mid-June. I heard of my Cantonese friends that they usually dip it with sugar. Uhhh.. like what the...?? I've never tried that before but it doesn't sound delicious >.<" Normally, we just eat it with meat in it and sometimes my mom also puts some curry chicken in it which is, in my opinion, the best!


  1. MAN 粽子's are the freakin' shit!
    Good stuff yo ;)

    PS: new follower!

  2. I love eating this! I don't eat it with sugar either...that just sounds weird. lol

  3. OMG CURRY CHICKEN!! Can't ever say I've had that in a zongzi! =P Wowwwwwwwwwwwww~~~

    I feel so hungry now just thinking about it.

  4. It's soo yummy with curry chicken !! #It's really the best combination xD you should try it hahaah ='D


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