Pose 9 Tag

I got tagged by my sis; Lene, this is her version: http://everythingism.net/2010/05/19/pose-9-tag/

This is my version

Whuahahah, my emo look, looks like the grudge xD !!!! Damn, I suck at this whuahaha. Anyways, take these 9 poses: 1. Awesome dude, 2. Bored, 3. Someone farted, 4. Fobby Cute, 5. Emo, 6. Kiss your phone, 7. Over the shoulder, 8. the eyebrow raise, 9. Smartass ..

Tag anyone you like! I'm tagging:
- Mei
- Vincent
- Fionaa
- Jian

You guys have to do the exact same poses. I hope you will do it ^^, don't be shy, just show your face =D! Post it in my comments section when you've done it :)


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