29 April 2010

Maxfactor mascara; false lash effect

Remember this post? : http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/04/i-spend-more-money-on-food-than-make-up.html

As you can see in the picture I bought a mascara of Maxfactor; false lash effect waterproof mascara. There are many good reviews about this mascara :) and I bought it to try it out. It's around 16 euros(?) in the store, I bought it for 8 euros during the sale period xD. I have been using it for a while and I think it works ok. I'm allergic to some mascara's, I sometimes get weird red spots on my eyes.

Before I used this one of Maxfactor I have used mascara's of Maybelline before and it really sucked, I really was allergic to most of their products. I also used Clinique mascara's but it wasn't that good either. And uhmm.. A Chanel mascara, I wasn't allergic to those, but it didn't hold my curl of my lash. I heard that Lancome Hypn├┤se is very good, hesitating to buy that one!!

Anyways, I tested the Maxfactor mascara; false lash effect out... some pro's:
+ and it was holding my curl of my lashes
+ wasn't allergic to it
+ it didn't have a weird smell
+ natural look

- it smudged on my oily eyes/face
- full lashes? NOT REALLY!
- that brush is way too huge o_o ! I mean, look at it! omg!
- it's called false lash effect, that effect didn't work on me

Rating: +++++ 3.5/5
I think that I would buy this mascara again, cuz it really was holding my curl of my lashes for the whole day :)

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  1. hihi, i use this one tooo =D ~! i like it ^^


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