22 January 2017

Review: Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask Ex

Finally! A product that I can add into my HOLY GRAIL list! Yes, you have read that correctly! This is the Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask Ex and I will be sharing my review about this product in today's blogpost. I have been wanting to try Sulwhasoo products for a long time and I finally got the chance to do so. This mask runs out very quickly in every online shop and I finally know why, since it's that good!

This Sulwhasoo mask is an overnight mask, which means you should apply this as the last step in your skincare routine before you go to sleep. This mask does its work during your beauty sleep. You will wake up with a natural glow, moisturized, smooth and supple skin. It comes in a golden squeeze tube, made of plastic and it contains 120ml which is a lot of product. Once opened it will last for 12 months. I am not a person who would throw it away after, I will just continue using it until I don't have anything left.

Use this as your last step in your skincare routine before you go to sleep. I usually apply a pea size amount on my face, avoiding the eye and lip area. Not much product is needed. You can wash it off with lukewarm water in the morning. No cleansing products are needed to wash it off, just lukewarm water.

Star ingredients: It regenerates the skin overnight with complexion brightening Cortex Mori Radicis (morus alba root extract & juglans regia shell extract) and nutritious Walnut Extract, delivering extra nourishment and restores skin's vitality while you sleep.

Via cosdna.com you can see that this product does contain cetearyl alcohol, alcohol and fragrance which are potential irritants/acne triggers.

It has a fresh rose ginger scent which is extremely nice and not overwhelming. The cream has an opaque, apricot shade. It has an amazing soft and rich texture, which is very easy to spread. Surprisingly, it feels very light on the skin and it sinks right in, no matter how thick the layer is that you apply, thanks to the Organic Respiration Layer (ORL) technology (that's how Sulwhasoo calls it). One important point is that it is NOT sticky. HURRAY for no sticky feeling on my pillow while I sleep! Fyi, I always sleep on my side, so it's important for me that the product won't transfer onto my pillow. Luckily this mask won't do it.

I received this product for review purposes from Stylekorean.com. As I said before this mask is sold out quickly so make sure to be quick if you are interested. I see that they are only selling the old version without the "EX" behind the name. The formula is the same, packaging is slightly different (it has a print at the bottom on the packaging), but it's basically the same product. They are selling the Sulwhasoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask for USD$38.87 (now on sale), excluding shipping.

YAS! I have added this product into my holy grail products list and I will definitely repurchase this after this tube. Although I think this tube will go a long way since not much product is needed per usage. Every time I use this it feels so luxurious. The light rose ginger smell, the golden packaging, the rich and lightweight texture and fast absorption - all together makes it luxurious and it feels pamper night every time I use this overnight mask. You can use this every single night, but I use this overnight mask 4 times a week and I absolutely love it! It gives my skin enough moisture and when I wake up I normally have a very oily skin, but with this cream I don't have that at all! This is actually one of the first products that doesn't give me an oily skin in the morning. *applause for Sulwhasoo* No dry patches can be seen after using this mask and it made my skin supple and a healthy glow in the morning.

This product isn't cheap, but I think it's worth every penny, I am definitely willing to splurge my money on this. This is the very first Sulwhasoo product that I have tried and I am curious how their other products are. Goodbye money hahah...


note: this product was sent to me for review purposes, this didn't affect my opinion about the product. I didn't receive money to write about it, see disclaimer.



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