23 July 2016

Review: May Island Multi Bean Clean & Care Cleanser

This cleanser is so adorable and fun to try! I have never seen such a cleanser before! Not only the packaging but also the product is cute! In today's blogpost I will be reviewing the May Island Multi Bean Clean & Care Cleanser. You might have seen this on Youtube since some Youtubers have been talking about this product. I got curious since it looked so cute, and great reviews could be found so I couldn't leave this behind.

These skincare beans are made of ingredients from Jeju Island. Jeju island is legendary because of its lush ecosystem, producing nourishing ingredients that have been sought after for centuries for their healing properties. The small skincare beans come in 4 pastel shades, add a bit of water with the colorful beans and it becomes a cleansing foam. Each bean is formulated with ingredients such as volcanic ash, torreya nucifera, rubus flower, and nutmeg tree extract. It targets specific concerns such as excessive dryness (yellow bean for dry skin), dull skin complexion (pink bean for brightness), clogged pores (white bean for deep pore cleansing) and sensitive skin (green bean). These beans have a 9-Free formula : perfume-free, oxybenzone, no parabens, benzophenone, mineral oil, talc, triethanolamine TEA, dimethicone, sulfate-free, formaldehyde-free.


Grab one bean (I took the green bean, for sensitive skin) and apply a little bit of water on it. Just crush the dampened bean a little bit and it breaks. Rub it between wet palms to create a bubbly foam, it doesn't foam loads, just a bit. Gently massage onto the skin with your fingertips in outward circular motions. After cleansing thoroughly, rinse off with lukewarm water. It can be used as a face cleanser, body wash or for the scalp. They recommended to use 1-2 beans for facial wash, 2-3 beans for body wash or scalp massaging. I normally just use 1 for my face since I think it's enough for my whole face and even neck since it foams, you can easily spread it.

It's such a fun product and it makes my skin feels so soft afterwards! This is definitely one of the most interesting things I have tried in skincare world. I have tried all beans multiple times and I can feel that the one for dry skin is more moist than the other ones. No massive changes could be seen when I used the one for clogged pores, but it did remove my white heads well. My favorites are definitely the yellow and green ones, since it makes my skin moist and it's very gentle. The multi beans are great for sensitive skin and I think all beans give a nice healthy glow afterwards. It doesn't feel dry or tight afterwards, it just feels just right. 

I haven't tried the beans on my scalp though, since I prefer to use it on my skin more and it seems like such a waste to me to use it on my scalp lol. I wouldn't recommend to use it on the eyes, neither for removing make up. This is a great cleanser if you want to remove any creams or sunscreen that you applied that day. It's very gentle, it has a soapy smell but not overwhelming at all. The downside of this product is that there aren't many beans inside the package. If you are using it every day, you are finished with it in no time and it's quite expensive as well, such a pity. 

If you got some money left and if you are up for something new, this is definitely a fun thing to try! It's very good for traveling, it has great ingredients inside and it makes the skin soft as baby cheeks! Just see what your skin needs on that day and grab the bean that you want to use. This is definitely a multi bean! 

I purchased it from Hikoreanfashion.com, first time ordering from this shop so I didn't even know if it would arrive or not, but it did after 2 weeks, which is a normal shipping period if it comes from Asia to The Netherlands. You are also able to purchase it at Glowrecipe.com, Memebox.com and Testerkorea.com.




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