30 July 2016

Review: Banila Co. - Clean it Zero Radiance

I have been wanting to try this product for such a long time now. In today's blogpost I will be reviewing the Clean it Zero Radiance from Banila Co. This is a very popular cleansing balm that removes all the dirt off your skin including make up! Their original version is the best sold item from Banila Co. so that got to say something right?

The Banila Co. Clean it Zero - Radiance is a solid balm that turns into a silky oil. It removes makeup and impurities from your skin while keeping your skin's essential oils in tact. Your skin will feel clean and smooth afterwards. It claims to give a brightening effect.

There are 3 other variations of the Clean it Zero product:
• Clean it zero original - suitable for normal skin. It contains acerola and herbal essences for moisturizing the skin.
• Clean it zero resveratrol - effective for reducing large pores. It contains grape seed and olive oil to tighten the skin.
• Clean it zero purity - suitable for sensitive skin, it contains no artificial pigments, fragrance, alcohol, mineral oil and with zero paraben.

Inside there is a separator between the cap and the product in which you can keep the spatula. For hygienic reasons I recommend to keep using the spatula.

Mineral Oil, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, PEG-20 Glyceryl Triisostearate, PEG-10 Isostearate, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Polyethylene, Butylene Glycol, Water, vitis Vinfera (Grape) Root Extract, Glycerin, Moringa Pterygosperma Seed Extract, Collagen, Butylparaben, Fragrance.

The radiance version of the Clean it zero does contain fragrance and butylparaben. According to cosdna.com, these two ingredients might irritate the skin. If your skin is very sensitive, try the Clean it Zero sensitive version. This oil balm contains great oils. It is formulated with 15% of natural moisturizing oil that helps refine dull complexion while the skin-brightening active agent in vitisin  and moringa extract work together to create a brightening effect.

The oil balm itself is white. It is a solid balm and transforms into a silky oil on the skin while you massage the product. It turns into a milky lather once you mix it with water. It has a lovely scent which is not overwhelming at all, it smells like candy to me.

Use the spatula and scoop a small amount out (almond size) and put it on the back of your hand. Then using your ring finger take the product from the back of your hand and dab onto a dry face and massage in up and outward motions. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry for moisture retention. It's also possible to continue with your next cleanser, for double cleansing and that's what I do as well. I normally use my favourite cleanser afterwards: Hadalabo gokujyun face wash.

In below pictures I am testing it on my arm to see if it really removes all stubborn make up that I normally apply on my face. Left is waterproof lipstick, middle is waterproof eyeliner and the right one is CC cream. I have put the oil balm below, only a little is needed. You will need a bit more for the face though. However, a little goes a long way.
After massaging it for a few seconds (without adding water), you can see that the lipstick and cc cream can be removed easily. However the waterproof eyeliner is still there.
In below picture I have added a bit of water and tried to massage it again to see it will be clean or not.  It turns a white lather when you mix it with water and it will start to clean it even better. But the line is still visible. So as you can see, it won't remove very stubborn make up, but it will remove most of it. It really depends what kind of make up you wear and if it's waterproof or not. My eyeliner is really waterproof since I got oily lids. I think this balm works fine on its own if you don't wear waterproof make up, but if you do, double cleanse is needed!

I got this product from a Korean cosmetics webshop called q-depot.com. If you plan to purchase there feel free to use this coupon code: GoCF7off to get 7% off or get a free coupon of USD$25 when you register an account and you can use this coupon when you purchase over USD$69.-. The Clean it Zero Radiance is currently on sale at their shop and sold for USD$21.99.- here. They also sell the other Clean it Zero versions. They ship worldwide, you can check at their shipping page how much the shipping cost will be when shipping it to your country. When you order over USD$49+ the shipping fee will be free.

First of all, I can see why people absolutely love this. It's a great oil balm that's very easy to use. It cleanses make up well. It's possible to remove your eye make up with this and it doesn't sting in the eyes. I do have to point out that it doesn't remove stubborn waterproof make up completely, so double cleanse is always needed when you wear waterproof make up. I always double cleanse so that's fine with me. I think that most of my cleansers gives a bit of brightening effect after washing my face and this one does it too. The effect is as usual temporary and only visible after washing.

I got this product for a few weeks and I got to say that I love using it. The scent is pleasant and it gives me a happy feeling every time when I use this since it's so soothing. Also, only a little is needed so I think this tube will last me for at least 3 months if I use it every night.


note: this product was sent to me for review purposes, but this didn't affect my opinion about the products, see disclaimer.


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