20 December 2014

Review: Skin & Lab Dr. Color Effect Green Gel-Oil

In today's blogpost I'm going to review a product from Skin&Lab, the green gel-oil. I got this product from Wishtrend.com. I have been hearing a lot about this brand lately but never tried any of their products, so this will be the first one. The green gel-oil seems to be perfect for the cold days since it will make your skin feel super moist and nourished, goodbye dry skin!

You can get this product from Wishtrend.com (link to product). A month ago this product was in their free shipping area, so I didn't have to pay for any shipping fees for this one. Check their free shipping zone out HERE.

This product will make your skin feel moist. It contains marine collagen which penetrates into the skin to create a smooth finish. It has excellent hydrating power, delivers a moist feeling and leaves the skin a pretty glow. It's great for people with a dull skin texture, it calms the skin and it reduces dead skin cells. It works for all skin types, also for people with red, sensitive skin.

This product comes in a white & green packaging. The product itself has a plastic packaging. I love the design of it - it's simple and it looks clean. It has Korean as well as English descriptions on it. It comes with a pump so it's easy to get the product out.

Gel-aqua-oil formula. When you first apply it the texture is a gel, when you spread the product out you will notice that it's moist, afterwards it's like an oil, pretty cool I would say ;). This is the first time that I see a texture like this. When we think of oil, we will think that it's very runny and a bit heavy on the face, but since it's a gel-oil type it's not runny nor heavy AT ALL!

Apply 2-3 pumps on your skin after toning. Massage gently for better absorption. You can use it as moisturizer. Check out the following tips as well:
Tip 1: Mix green gel oil with your skincare or make up products for more hydration and a glowy finish.
Tip 2: Do you have any dead skin cells on your elbows or heels? Take a warm bath and exfoliate them. Finish by applying the gel-oil and massage the area gently. The dry areas will be smoother and softer.


It does what it supposed to do - it keeps the skin moist. This gel-like moisturizer transforms into an oil-type formula when it starts to dissolve in your skin. I hadn't seen anything like this before so it was nice to try it out. It's lightweight, it also has a bit of a cooling effect which is great for calming the skin. I do get dry patches here and there since it's getting colder in The Netherlands, so it's great to keep your skin moist & balanced. I love to use it when my skin looks dull. I then mix it with my BB cream to get that dewy  finish. It's awesome that you can use this to massage your face or remove the dead skin cells on the heels or elbows too (I haven't tried it though) - you can use this product in so many ways!

note: this was sent to me for review purposes. ingredient list is from the wish trend website. 


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