24 July 2014

Review: Mink Fur Love Lashes by Joanna + Discount Code

Hi all ^^! Today I'm going to review some lovely eyelashes from LoveLashes.nl. These aren't regular eyelashes, these are luxury false lashes made of high quality mink fur. On the LoveLashes website it's stated that you can wear these up to 25 times, now that's A LOT! Want to know my opinion about these lashes, continue with reading!

This webshop who is based in The Netherlands is created by Joanna. She sells two types of lashes: one made of mink hair and the other one made of synthetic fibers. Today I'm going to review 2 pair of eyelashes which are made of 100% mink hair.

Mink lashes are handmade luxury eye lashes which you can use up to 25 times! The lashes fit on any eye size, all you need to do is trim it if it's too long. The lash band is black and made of cotton. It comes with a cute pastel green box which is to die for ^_^! One pair is €24,95.- which means that it's €1.- per wear. If you live in The Netherlands the shipping is FREE, if you live outside The Netherlands an extra €3,50.- will be charged. She ships worldwide, so everybody is able to purchase it. Check out the assortment if you are interested: www.lovelashes.nl.

Feel free to use my discount code: memorabledays to get 15% OFF at check out, which means it will be €21,21.- per pair! Discount code will be valid till the 31st of August 2014.

What I absolutely love is the packaging! It comes with a pastel green box where the words are printed in gold. The instructions are at the back. It's pretty sturdy and you can easily put these in your bag if you want to. It has a magnetic strip at the opening as well, so you don't need to be scared that it will open in your bag all of a sudden.

When you open the box you will see a white string - pull it and you can easily grab the lashes out.

Below you can see two different types of mink lashes: the first one is called Joyfull Jojo (link to product) and the other one is called Tina Talisha (link to product). (Pretty unique names for lashes huh? ) Both look extremely natural. It has a black lash band which isn't too noticeable since it isn't that thick and it's flexible as well. The hair is not too long so trimming isn't really needed, I only trimmed the sides a little bit so it would fit my eye size.

Joyfull jojo has a design where the outsides are longer than the inner parts.

As you can see below, they look extremely natural on me, I can easily wear these daily!

Tina Talisha has a criss cross design, looks long but it still looks very natural on me.

I can see why the price tag is so high - it's of great quality! They are soft, flexible, not heavy at all and they look natural on me! I'm not sure if you can really wear them up to 25 times tho, but I've worn these 5 times now and they are still in good condition. An important thing to know is that you gotta keep the lashes clean after every usage! Gotta use eye makeup remover afterwards and remove the glue from the lash band, never pull too hard when taking the lashes off, otherwise the hair will come off.

I've tried cheap plastic lashes before which are the worst, I've tried synthetic and handmade ones before which are ok (some are pretty good tho). However, I definitely noticed that mink hair is way softer compared to the other ones.


If you are interested visit www.lovelashes.nl and feel free to use my discount code: memorabledays to get 15% OFF at check out!

disclaimer: these lashes were sent to me for review purposes. 

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