06 June 2014

Review: Etude House - Precious Mineral Any Cushion

I finally had the chance to try this product out. I'm talking about the Precious Mineral Any Cushion foundation from Etude House. Don't know what cushion foundations are, read it here. In today's blogpost I'm going to share my thoughts about this products, if you're interested… keep on reading!

This cushion foundation is a 6 in 1 product - it has wrinkle care, locks moisture, controls sebum, has whitening ingredients, skin tone correction and UV protection (SPF50 PA+++). It also has a cooling effect which is perfect for the hot days! It comes in 3 colors (N02 light beige, W13 natural beige and W24 honey beige), the product comes in a portable compact and a dual air puff which is non-absorbing. They claim that it will only take 30 seconds to apply this, that's very fast!

I received this one from cosmetic-love.com (link to product) for review purposes. They are selling it for USD$21,94 there including worldwide free shipping. You are able to purchase the refill as well at their website for USD$14.45 (link to product).

It has a nice clean white packaging. I got it in the color W13 Natural Beige.

I always love the nice packaging of cushion foundations. It has a mirror, a dual air puff which is non-absorbing (so much love for this puff!). The packaging is small so it's easy to carry around with. It's very easy to use as well and you are done within seconds!

When you open it for the first time, you will see a sticker, just remove it and you are able to see the cushion foundation.

It's up to you how much product you use per application. Just press harder if you want more product on your puff, press lighter if you want lessen. Thanks to the puff and the formula of the foundation it's easy to spread the product out on the face. It looks even and it won't look streaky at all. The scent of this any cushion is lovely. It smells fresh and floral which isn't overwhelming. The freshness is just so nice!

I'm a NC25 by the way, so I though that the color Natural Beige would match my skin tone but i was wrong.. it's way too light for me =(. This is definitely more for pale people, but i'm pretty pale already… Now I'm wondering how much darker the color Honey Beige is, since this one is pretty light.

The coverage is little to medium and it's buildable. However, since I have a combination dry skin, it looks a bit cakey when applying more than one layer. I've applied one layer in the picture below and it has evened out my skintone but you are still able to see my freckles. Therefore concealer is still needed. It also creates a white cast that i'm not loving, it makes my skin look even ashier somehow. You are clearly able to see the color difference between my neck and face, this color is just not right for me unfortunately. The color - natural beige is more for people with a NC15 I think. People who likes to have a white looking skin would like this cushion foundation for sure.

When applying, the product feels moist and it has a lovely cooling effect (great for the hot days!). My dry and flakey areas doesn't really like this product though. It seems to cling onto it and makes it more visible. Therefore it's important to prep well prior and after the application and make sure that your flakes are gone. When you do this, the foundation looks better on the skin.

The finish is a bit in between dewy and matte. The lasting power is ok, it seems to stay nice for a good 4 hours. You can easily re-apply it afterwards.

LEFT PICTURE: Bare face | RIGHT PICTURE: Applied the Precious Mineral Any Cushion

• the lovely scent (personal preference)
• the portable packaging
• easy to use and fast with application
• lovely cooling effect (great for the hot days)
• contains high SPF and PA+++
• it will brighten the skin
• easy to blend
• don't need much product per usage
• coverage is light to medium and is buildable
• lasting power is ok, can easily re-apply it

• creates a white cast / makes my skin dull looking
• only comes in 3 shades, not suitable for people with a dark skin tone
• seems to cling onto dry areas
• looks cakey when applying more than 1 layer on my combination dry skin
• won't adjust to your own skin tone
• won't cover up dark spots, still need concealer for that

I tried to moisturize my face really well before and after applying this product and the dry areas weren't visible anymore. But still, i'm not in love with it, since it creates an obvious white cast on my face and it makes my face ashier - even more dull looking. It's such a pity since I really hoped that this product would be great for me.

People who wants a white skin, brightened finish and has a normal skin type will love this product. People with very dry skin (or people who has dry flakes often) might not like this product since it will cling onto dry patches.

If you are interested, make sure to visit cosmetic-love.com!

disclaimer: this product was sent to me for review purposes.

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