12 December 2013

My Life in Pictures - Two Days Düsseldorf

Oh my.. time flies girls, it's December already which means that it's almost 2014! It has been a while since I posted my last "my life in picture" blogpost. I have been pretty busy these days, so I didn't have much time to blog. I've been traveling and chilling with my friends and stuff. A few days ago I went to Düsseldorf with a friend with a main reason to shop and eat there. It was our first time there so we were curious how that place was. I took a few snaps during our trip, so here you go:

We took a train to Düsseldorf and it took around 2,5 hours until we were there, pretty fast I would say. We both look super tired in the picture though, we had to wake up around 6am so that's why haha. We stayed for one night at a hotel near the train station.

A place where I really wanted to go was the restaurant NA NI WA, noodles & soups which is a place where you can eat Japanese noodles. I'm not sure if the owner is Japanese but the workers were all Japanese. It's a small but crowded restaurant so if you want to eat there, you gotta make a reservation in advance. I have to say that it definitely was delicious and it wasn't expensive too. You will get a large bowl with noodles & soup and that was around €10.- or something. I highly recommend this place, so visit it if you're in Düsseldorf. If you are interested check out their menu on their website.

The shopping area was large but not spectacular since the shops are the same as in Amsterdam, except we don't have the drugstore DM here, neither do we have Ginatricot. However, we didn't succeed to buy a lot in those 2 days. All what I bought was a coat from h&m and a blouse from Primark. I also saw a lovely coat at ZARA but they didn't have it in my size =( *sigh... too bad. 
I also tried the onigiri's from Waraku and I liked it! There is a Japanese street in Düsseldorf which is called immermanstrasse where you can find a few Japanese restaurants where you can have Japanese noodles, there is an all you can eat sushi restaurant which is called Okinii, a bubble tea store (opened by a German guy i think) and a store which sells onigiri's (called Waraku). You have to visit this street if you love Japanese food and/or snacks!

We went to a christmas market in the city centre where they sell snacks, like bradwurst and you can drink gluhwein. The lights were lovely but i don't think it's anything special since I see these things all the time in Amsterdam.

Overall, we had a lovely time there eventhough we didn't really buy anything (that was our main reason why we went to Düsseldorf). However, we did enjoy the Japanese food and thankfully the weather was ok in those two days so we could walk around and do some sightseeing.

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