19 August 2013

Swatches: Bornprettystore Holographic Nail Polish #11

Holographic nail polishes are still trendy girls! Bornprettystore has released a new holographic nail polish range! It's from their own brand and I can't wait to show you some swatches of this amazing nail polish!

This was sent to me by Bornprettystore.com and it's sold for $5.59 there (link to the product). Normally it's sold for $12.88 but it's currently on sale so make sure to purchase it now if you are interested. You can use my coupon code MDJ61 to get even more discount! Get an extra 10% OFF when entering the code at checkout.

This nail polish is super cute and petite. It's a pity that it only contains 6ml in it.

The brush is very small. People with thick fingers might have a hard time holding this, but it's ok for me lol. I think that the brush is very easy to work with and it's not streaky at all! Totally love it!

The consistency is thick and easy to work with. It just glides on the nails smoothly. The holographic effect is more noticeable under direct sunlight. In the pictures below I applied two coats. The pictures are not photoshopped, i took these photo's during day light and not under direct sunlight (so the effect is less noticeable). The finish is still extremely pretty though! I applied my favorite top coat - sechi vite on top of it and it stayed on my nails for 4 days, which is not bad!

Are you interested in this nail polish? Make sure to visit bornprettystore.com. Don't forget to use my coupon code MDJ61 to get 10% OFF!

note: this was sent to me for review purposes 
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