18 April 2013

Do you agree that make up is a mask?

It has been a while since I wrote some personal stuff on my blog. I stopped talking about my personal experiences and life since more and more of my friends are reading memorable days. Oh well, I just thought that i could make an exception today. Today's topic is probably a bit sensitive for some girls. It's the question: do you agree that make up is a mask? If a guy asked you the question: "why do girls hide behind a mask of make up?" you would probably feel offended. What does make up mean to you and what is the reason why you are wearing it?

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In is famous for her bold usage of eyeliner. pictures from allkpop. 

There can be tons of reasons why girls wear make up. I do agree that it is a kind of a mask, personally I don't wear a lot but i'm still not showing my naked face to the world. I always feel insecure when i'm not wearing any. It became an addiction and i'm used to my make up look which looks in my opinion better than my naked face. I feel ready for the world and confident in proceeding through the day after I've applied make up. It is a booster for my self-confidence. Most of the time i wear make up to cover something up. I always want to even out my skin tone and make the pimples look less visible. Since i'm quite pale, I usually use make up to brighten up my face and to give my face some color. Another reason why girls wear make up is to enhance their beauty. For example, if a woman has pretty eyes, she can use eyeliner and mascara to make them stand out more.

What is the reason why girls think this way? We should blame the media for it - models, singers, actors with flawless looking skin. It makes us want it as well, since most of us strive for perfection.

my question to you: 
What is your opinion. Do you agree that wearing make up is a mask? What is the reason why you are wearing make up? 
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