07 March 2013

Swatches: March Sweet Candy Nail Lacquer #7

Hi lovelies~ I have another March nail polish from Bornprettystore.com that I can swatch for you girls ^.^. I'm soooo in love with the nail polishes of this brand, it's so cute, the quality is good and the shape of the bottle & the large bow is just super adorable! I would jump in the air if i had the whole collection hahah. A few weeks ago I posted some swatches of 2 other colors of this brand, go to blogpost 1 to see swatches of the pastel yellow nail polish and blogpost 2 for the red one. Today I will be posting swatches of the green nail polish which is #7.
These nail polishes from March are manufactured in Hong Kong and they are sold in 12 colors. You can purchase all colors at Bornprettystore.com (link to the product) for $7.29 each and there is 12 ml of product in it. You can use my coupon code: MDJ61 to get 10% OFF! In this blogpost I'm swatching the color #7, which is a dark green nail polish. Which one is your favorite out of the 12?
The color of the nail polish looks exactly the same as in the picture above.
I noticed that the quality of the nail polishes in this collection are quite different per nail polish. The red nail polish that I tried had a very good coverage, i only needed 1 coat to get that lovely glossy finish. However, the green one #7 is extremely sheer, even more sheer than the yellow one. I had to apply 3 coats to get a great finish, now that's a lot! In the gif picture below I'm applying my second coat.

I'm loving the glossy finish of these nail polishes (no top coat applied in the pictures below)! It is a tiny bit streaky but it isn't visible when you put more layers. As you can see my nails are still visible (still a bit transparent), you probably need to apply at least 4 coats if you don't want it to be visible. Just like the other 2 colors that I've tried, it dried extremely fast and it didn't have a strong nail polish scent which I like.


If you would like to purchase it go to Bornprettystore.com (link to the product). You can use my coupon code: MDJ61 to get 10% OFF!

note: this nail polish was sent to me for review purposes.
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