16 February 2013

Jealousness USA Cosmetics from Eyecandys.com

Who doesn't like cute, girly pink make up products huh?! The packaging of the brand Jealousness USA is just too adorable! You might think that this brand comes from the US, but it's actually a Taiwanese brand. The makers of Jealousness knows that there is a little girl in every woman. They are combining sweet pink colors with diamonds to create that princess look on their packaging. Jealousness want girls to be happy when just looking at their packaging. That's why their slogan is: Jealousness color your life!

I got a few products from www.Eyecandys.com. This online shop doesn't only sell circle lenses, but also skincare-, hair- & make up products and even polaroid camera's! I highly recommend to check their assortment out since it's so large and they offer many products of the brand Jealousness as well! (Go to their make up section) Feel free to use my code: MEMORABLEDAYS to get a free gift with your purchase. Don't worry girls, I will be reviewing each product that I'm going to mention below but will  give you a short introduction about the products first:

Jealousness Cleansing Liquid (Rose) 
This is an all-in-one cleansing solution. Quickly and gently removes all makeup on face, eyes and lips. It removes dead skin cells and tones the skin, making it feel soft and supple. It has an alcohol-free formula which will not leave your skin dry or tight!

Jealousness Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen
Taiwanese beauty bloggers are all raving about the new Jealousness Waterproof Eyeliner Pen! They are even saying that its better than the Dolly Wink eyeliner. With its soft, flexible brush, this product makes drawing precise, clean lines a breeze! Deep, rich pigment dries in only seconds and lasts all day without smudging thanks to the water-resistant polymer coat formula. Ideal for drawing cat eyes or winged eyeliner.

Jealousness Flawless Whitening Two-Way Foundation
Jealousness Pure Flawless Whitening Two-Way Foundation is a compact powder that naturally covers unevenness with a feather-light, silky texture. Its unique formula makes it easy to create a naturally flawless, pore-perfecting finish. Moisturisers keep skin looking supple without caking all day long. Three whitening ingredients creates radiant and beautiful skin from within.

These products are send to me for review purposes.
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