27 December 2012

Tutorial: Glamorous Nude Nails

I'm going to take nude nails into another level! Check out my Nails Of The Day where I'm rocking my glamorous nude nails ^^! This nail art is suitable for short and long nails. I will also tell you how to create this nail art. I'm sure that everybody can create them, it's THAT easy! Don't wait any longer and check out todays blogpost ;)!
Where to buy glequins?
For this nail art I've used golden glequins. You can get these at Bornprettystore. They sell it in a set of 12 colors for $6.45. Get 10% OFF with my coupon code: MDJ61.

  1. 1.) Apply a base coat on every nail and let it dry.
  2. 2.) Apply a nude nail polish and let it dry. I've used Catrice - 050 Moulin Rouge Light.
  3. 3.) Afterwards, apply a golden glittery nail polish on 1/3 of your nails, see picture below. Make sure to apply a little bit, otherwise you will get too many glitters on your nails and you won't be able to get that gradient effect. I've used a glittery nail polish in the color gold of Barry M.
  4. 4.) While the glittery nail polish is still wet, apply 3-5 golden glequins with a toothpick. 
  5. 5.) When your nails are dry, apply a top coat and you are done ;).

I hope you liked this tutorial and please let me know if you are going to do this nail art as well ^^. I would love to see it how it looks on your nails! If you would like me to post more nail art tutorials, please comment below.
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