24 November 2012

VIVI JP Magazine, November 2012 issue - mag scans

This is the November 2012 issue of the VIVI Japan magazine. This issue came with a cute Lily Brown pouch. You can enjoy watching tons of fall/winter outfits. Also, the latest collection of EMODA and MURUA are shown, which I'm totally in love with^^. Anyways, click on read more below to check the scans out, but beware ; it is picture heavy! If you want to have the whole magazine, follow my blog through Google Friend Connect or Facebook, after that click on DOWNLOAD NOW. UPDATE: I've changed the download link, you are able to download it again:).

Notice: You must download it quickly, otherwise the link will expire, so make sure that you're downloading this within this week. Please don't ask me if I can re-upload it again later. I will only upload the issue only ONCE!
If you want to check out the previous mag scans, go to this link: VIVI MAG SCANS.

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