Barry M Instant Nail Effects Black & Peach Melba

Remember my London haul? I bought some Barry M nail polishes back then, I wanted to try these for a long time now! I will show you some swatches of these nail polishes in this blogpost ^__^. Check out the crackling effect of this awesome nail polish of Barry M!

Instant nail effect, Black #311
This crackle nail polish dries very fast. You will be able to see it crack within a second o_o! It has a pretty matte finish.

Nail paints, Peach Melba #318
It's a cute Peach/Apricot color ^^, I'm loving pastel colors! This nail polish isn't sheer at all, a second coat isn't even needed. However, it did chip after two days even after applying a good top coat.

Shake it
Don't forget to shake the nail polishes before you apply it. While you shake it you will see & hear two silver balls in the bottle. These silver balls will mix the color better and faster, so don't remove them!

There was a small tutorial attached:
1. Paint your nails with your chosen colour and let them dry.
2. Apply a single coat of Instant Nail Effects, don't overlap
3. Watch the unique effect appear before your eyes!

Ingredients of the Crackle nail polish

One thing that I didn't like while applying the nail polish was the brush. These brushes are too thin in my opinion. They could have made it thicker which would make it easier to apply. It was a bit streaky while I applied the Peach Melba =(.

Price & Where to buy?
The instant nail effect black is £3,99 and normally the Peach melba nail polish is £2,99 at Superdrug. However, I bought the Peach melba for £2.- cause there was a buy 2 for £4.- deal back then. These nail polishes are also sold at Topshop, Boots and at their website: People in The Netherlands can also find these at the webshop, Alice & jo's havesentials.

As you can see in the picture below, the cracks are looking different on every nail. I actually don't think it's very pretty but it's just cool to see the effect. It really cracks within a second xD so awesome!

My thoughts
I definitely recommend the black crackle nail polish (instant nail effect, #311). It dries extremely fast and it gives you pretty matte crackling nails. I think it's good for the price as well :). I haven't tried a cheaper crackling nail polish before, so I can't compare it with an other one. The Peach melba is just ok. I'm loving the color of that nail polish, but it's a pity that it chips so fast. Besides, the big downside of these nail polishes are the thin brushes, it makes it a bit hard to apply =/.

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