27 February 2011

Surprise package & Headband giveaway reminder

I received a surprise package from Suzy a few days ago ^^ super sweet! I actually wanted to surprise her with a package but she was ahead of me >.<" ayoo.. now it's not a surprise anymore... =( Anyways... I've always wanted to try new Skin food products, Silk whitia masks and Face Q masks, so I was surprised and super happy when I saw these when I opened the package =p hihi. I'm loving the cute post-its as well. Kamsamida ^___^ ♥. Surprise packages are always welcome =P ~ hihihihi...
Join my headband giveaway if you haven't (US residents only) ^___^ You can win a headband of your choice!! Click on the banner below to go to my giveaway page. This giveaway ends on the 3th of March.


  1. Cute surprise package! I'd love to see some reviews of the products, especially the masks :)

  2. Ah schattig pakketje! :D

  3. @Jennifer, yessss i can't wait to try them out ='D

  4. I love the cute package! Definitely review the masks! I am crazy about them now LOL :(

  5. @Michelle, hahah ='D are you addicted to sheet masks as well now xD

  6. aww you have a lovely surprise ^^


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