04 December 2010

Vivi JP magazine, January 2011 issue - mag scans

In this post I will share the magazine scans from Vivi (Japan) January 2011 issue. Have you missed the December 2010 issue? Go to this link to check it out ^^: http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/10/vivi-jp-magazine-dec-mag-scans.html

Sometimes it's hard to combine clothes during the cold days. So here I'm sharing scans from the Vivi magazine to give you more inspiration :D! Miliyah Kato is on the January 2011 cover ;) She's a Japanese singer in Japan. To be honest hehe, I've never heard of her name... =X

Skip this post if you don't want to see the scans. However, if you do want to see it, just move on ^^ You will also see the download link for this issue :) click on the link below to read more.

Enjoy everybody ^_^~

Would you like to have the whole Vivi January 2011 issue? 
Click here


  1. Wow, cuteness overload. lol, thanks for posting those scans. I never have the guts to look at these magazines here in Japan when I'm in a book store even though the fashion they show is cute. :-)

  2. Woow good site :P

  3. @Sakie and Thomas Gantz, ahww, i really would buy vivi if i was in Japan, i bought it every month while i was in shanghai xD ! loved to watch it =D too bad that they don't sell it here =(

  4. I love Vivi! Thanks for posting these!

  5. love those scans. vivi is one of my favorite japanese fashion magazines out there.

    btw, check out my blog and holiday giveaway http://www.fruitylashes.com/fruity-lashes-holiday-giveaway-1145/

  6. vivi magazine! It's my favorite.

  7. ooo clothes ideas :D!! I love their hair styles esp~ how do they get such volume around their scalp O_O???!

    I don't know, I normalized the volume but I can't up the sound anymore :( that's what i get for recording on my iSight :P

  8. i need a lace up boots!! badly haha
    cant wait to get them from HK or Taipei~~

    ViVi is my fav magz also~ so versatile in mix&match

  9. who's the girl with the two mole on the sides of her face?

  10. @Gurlee: that's Lena Fujii, a famous vivi model ^_^


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