22 September 2010

4 Things Tag

Yayy another tag ^_^!! I got tagged by the lovely blogger, Suzy :)

The rules
1. Name the person who tagged you
2. You need to have 4 answers at every question
3. Tag 4 other bloggers
4. Let them know you tagged them

4 Things in my bag/purse:
♥ keys
♥ my mobile phone, can't live without it haha *ping*ping*fb*fb*
♥ umbrella, it's always raining in holland =.="
♥ my agenda, no i'm not a very busy person xD

4 Things I found in my office desk drawer:
(hahahah, haven't looked in my drawer for a while)
♥ old pictures from high school
♥ some old necklaces
♥ old school papers
♥ a lot of dust lol

4 Favourite things in my room:
♥ my shoe stash xD got 2 large boxes with shoes heheh..
♥ my bed
♥ my nail polish stash
♥ circle lenses, still scared to wear them outside =(
Click on the picture for reviews

4 things I've always wanted to do:
♥ learn the Japanese and Korean language
♥ go to Japan and Taiwan !!!
♥ learn how to play piano =.= *sigh.. i've always wanted to learn that, but didn't had the time for it =(
♥ be good at at least one sport T_T" I suck at everything~

4 Things I'm currently into:
♥ hahah I'm addicted to Kinder Bueno somehow ..
♥ i'm addicted to the Taiwanese drama Endless love and Kdrama Playfull kiss <3 ♥ G.E.M.'s album & Matt Cab album ♥ my blog 4 Things I bet you didn't know about me:
♥ same as suzy, I got small feet and hands lol
♥ i don't wear glasses nor lenses
♥ i'm a shorty
♥ i hate insects. but when I have the guts, I would like to have a bite on this once. Just curious how it taste like xD

4 Songs i can't get out of my head:
♥ G.E.M. - get everybody moving
♥ Gummy - as a men
♥ By2 - 愛上你
♥ Rainie yang - 偏食

I'm tagging: 1. Aubrey 2. Michelle-esque 3. Nic nic 4. Petitechouxx


  1. Aww thank you for tagging me Elisa! I will be sure to do this soon! ^___^ <3

  2. eww those bugs just made my skin crawl!

  3. omg yuck! i hate bugs!! that picture just sent shiverrs down my spine :(
    nice tag by the way!
    i'm a new follower :)

  4. @michelle-esque, awesome <3 would love to read yours =D

    @Ken + arsyparsy, hahah yesss EWwwww!! you guys probably think that i'm crazy now xD

  5. Yay thank you! I`m so excited to do this, i``ve been away for a few days with no internet. :(

  6. Eeeeeeeeek! Een insect op een prikker?! Ewww!!

    En grappig dat je ook kleine handen en voeten hebt haha ^^

  7. @Aubrey,, ahww but you're back now ^^!!
    @suzy, hahahaha jah eewww maar in beijing zit een markt vol met dit soort insecte =p

  8. thank you for the tag! I really want to do this..

    the insect pic looks v scary :S

  9. @nic nic You're welcome^_^ looking forward to your answers =D xoxo


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