18 May 2010

RAIN, restaurant, bar & club

It looks like my blog is becoming the newest Iens or something xD I'm going to a lot of restaurants in Amsterdam these few months. l0l posting reviews and stuff..But whatever, I'm enjoying it and I like to share my experience :).

I went to the restaurant; RAIN which is also a bar and a club located at rembrand square in Amsterdam. I was there with some classmates for the first time. This restaurant looked nice on the outside, but on the inside it was a bit crappy and the service wasn't good either. It really took a while before the food were served and I was so starvinggg!! Well, it eventually came after a long chat with my classmates. And it wasn't that good looking too though, cuz the spare ribs were all burned, but the salad and french fries were ok :) and all for 15 euros.

Conclusion: I don't recommend this place, I would rather go to Ranchos xD.


  1. XD ik ging daar vorige keer drinken =p

  2. drinke is ok =p, terras is wel chill daarzo~ maar daar ete.. is minder =)


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