26 May 2010

Brasserie Flo in Amsterdam

I went to Brasserie Flo in Amsterdam a few days ago with a group. Its a good place to eat if you're rich and likes the French kitchen. Most of us, including me, took the lobster with asparagus as the main course. Looks extremely nice huh^^? Drooling already? haha

It was very niceeee, but I won't go back there cuz its quite expensive xD

Brasserie Flo
Amstelstraat 9 (near rembrandtplein)
1017 DA Amsterdam
020 8904757


  1. Woaw ziet er goed uit hoor =P mmmmmm

  2. hmmmmm,, kwijl je al hahaha

  3. Woah. This looks so nice!! I want to try it now, when I get the chance to go to Amsterdam :P

    Btw, thank you for visiting my blog~ :3

  4. Er wordt binnenkort ook een Flo geopend hier in mijn 'wijk' xD!

    ben benieuwd!

  5. It looks DELICIOUS!!! I am almost drooling just looking at it!

    I want to go to amsterdam now! I last went when I was a kid though..and I don't remember an awful lot except for an extremely long bike ride (7-8 miles along the..seaside?), lots of flowers, windmills and an easter egg hunt (it was easter!)

  6. @jolandaaa, jaaaa je moet wel een x proberennn =p JE GAAT 'T LKKERRR VINDEN ! maar mygod, wat is het duur daar xD !

    @melody and Jian;
    You really should visit Amsterdam when you have the time ^^ its such a free country and there is a lot of good food here :D

    Hahahah, I don't think you went to amsterdam then Jian, I think it was a different place in the netherlands where you went ^^. Dislike bike rides ! =/


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