11 November 2016

Review: No7 Intelligent Colour Foundation Medium

Hi All! As you might know from my personal Instagram @Kawaiipeachies, I go to the UK pretty often and when I am there I do visit their local drugstore Boots to stock some beauty products up. One of Boots popular brand is No7. This is my first time trying out a No7 foundation. It's called the Intelligent Colour Foundation. It is fragrance free, contains SPF 6, Vitamin A and E to protect the skin, without blocking the pores. I received one from my PR agency and I will be reviewing it for you in today's blogpost.

This foundation adjusts to match the colour of your skin for a sheer and natural finish. The texture is velvety soft, easily blended and light. It contains 40ml of product. These are available in 4 shades and here is a guide that I took from their website, so you can see which shade would suit your skintone:
• Extra Light : calico, cool vanilla, warm ivory
• Light : deeply ivory, cool ivory, warm beige, beige, cool beige and deeply beige
• Medium : soft rose, honey, wheat, warm sand and cool rose
• Dark : latte, deeply honey, toffee, mocha, chestnut and walnut

If I look at the guide, I should use an extra light shade. Unfortunately the PR agency sent me the shade medium which is way too dark for my skintone. However, I decided to review this foundation anyway since the texture and quality of it won't be different per shade.

Shake it before you use it. Remove the film. Apply a bit of product with your fingers or make up sponge and blend smoothly and evenly - working downwards and outwards from the centre of the face.

Mineral oil check, silicones check. If you want to avoid these ingredients, I wouldn't recommend to choose this foundation to try.

The scent is pretty strong and has a chemical scent to it. The shade medium is extremely dark for my pale skin. Once applied, it feels very soft and velvety. It's easy to blend, BUT it starts to get flakey once you start applying, see pictures below and that's what you definitely DO NOT want while applying. OH MY!

This foundation does turns slightly lighter when applied on the skin which is their "adjustment magic", but since this foundation is way too dark for my skin tone, it obviously won't work on me. This might work better if I had the lightest shade.

The coverage is light and only covers a bit of redness.

It's available at Boots for 15.50 pounds.

I like the velvety touch to it once you apply the product. I love the idea behind it that this foundation has its' adjustment magic. Unfortunately I couldn't test it in that part since I didn't receive the shade that matched my skin tone. There are many things that I don't like about this foundation for example the scent that is too strong, and most importantly that it turns flakey and patchy once you spread the product. That's really the worst thing that can happen. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw how flakey it looked after I applied it. It's the worst foundation I have tried so far - end of story.

note: this product was sent to me for review purposes, this didn't affect my opinion about the product. I didn't receive money to write about it, see disclaimer.



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