20 August 2012

Small Haul - PRIMARK and Men at Work

I recently went to Primark and Men at work ^___^. I bought a few items there which I would like to share in todays blogpost. It's just a small haul so don't expect too much ;).

I bought a black see through blouse at primark. It was only €13.-. The quality is ok :) I do like the small beige buttons on it.

I've matched it with a pair of denim shorts which I bought at Men at work. It's from the brand 8mm and they were €50.-. I just love the blue checker design and they are super comfortable by the way :D.
The color of the shorts is slightly different in the picture above because of the lighting. The two pictures below are more true to color ;). Don't you just love the color of the shorts?

The last item that I purchased are these pair of faux suede shoes from Primark. I just needed a new pair of flat shoes, so these are perfect for the not-so-hot-and-sunny days in The Netherlands. These were  only €11.- cheap huh?!
Check out the nice leopard print inside ^^.

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