Tokyo Street Fashion

I love Japan and I love the fashion there since it's so crazy & different from here ^__^. I usually visit a few websites to check out the street snaps. This time I saw some awesome street snaps at the website I wanted to post a few of the street snaps here. Would you ever wear something crazy when you're in Japan? I would xD! That's probably the only place where people won't look weird at you when you're wearing some crazy outfit!

This is my favorite picture out of the bunch ^^. She's looking so cute in her sailor shirt =D! Her whole outfit matches!

I really wouldn't dare to go outside like this in The Netherlands hahah.. However, her rabbit bag is quite cute, there is even a carrot in her pocket ='D!!!
As we all know, we can do lots of things with a scarf. This girl created a bow with it ^^ which matches really well with her whole outfit.
This one really caught my eye because of her shoes xD!! I would wear this at home but not outside haha. Somehow it looks cool on her and her outfit matches well.
I think this is a care bears inspired outfit. Care bears seems to be very HOT this year. I saw many t-shirts with care bears on it while I was in London o__O". If you look closer to her neck area, you will see a head of a doll >.<" EEK, so scary!
Would you ever wear something like this when you're in Japan?

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