11 December 2010

Snowy days in The Netherlands

It has been snowing a lot lately in The Netherlands and it's extremely cold, sometimes it's even -8°C here (FREEZING!) Besides it's slippery as well, I have seen so many people fall off their bikes or just when they walk >.<" (NOO, I didn't laugh at them, I'm scared of karma hahah) With this weather I usually don't want to go outside, I just want to relax at home and drink a hot coffee or chocolate milk ♥. However winter can be depressing. *Sigh this weather is making me lazy =(, I even skip class because of the cold xD that's so bad..

Winter can be pretty- snowy picture of Amsterdam :) Hmm.. Will we get a White Christmas this year ^__^?

How is the weather at your place?


  1. AHH SO PRETTY! I wish I lived somewhere that snowed. I've always wanted to visit the Netherlands. I remember meeting a few guys on a trip to Thailand who were from Netherlands and they were super funny! ^^

  2. @Michelle, ahhh, you should come and visit The Netherlands =D It's really one of my favorite countries ^_^

  3. It used to be REALLY snowy <3 but now its all melted and there is barely any sun but so far no rain (: There is meant to be another huge snow fall though ;) YAY The Netherlands look SOO pretty <3

  4. @Hello, its too colddd =( I'm jealous at the people who are living in Australia for example... its so hot there atm =/

  5. so pretty!!! here in canada, it's snowing a lot =.= and i think right now it raining o.O

  6. @petitechouxx, ahww it's snowing here as well ^_^ but it's so coldd =( i dislike rainn ~~!


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