04 July 2010

How to open the circle lens bottle

These are Geo circle lenses.
First of all, go to the website of Geo circle lenses to check if your circle lenses are REAL or not. There is a code on every bottle. (its a very long code).

Step 1:
To open the bottle, find the arrow
Step 2: Pull off the lid
Step 3: Twist of the metal, carefully!
Step 4: Pull off the rubber lid

! Wash your hands before touching your circle lenses
! Do not wear your contacts right away!

Step 5: After you've washed your hands, shake the contact lens bottle and pour the lens on your palm.
Step 6: Place the circle lenses in the contact case and put some contact solution in it.
Step 7: Close the case and let it sit in fresh contact solution for 8-9 hours.

You can wear them after 8-9 hours ^_^!


  1. i also saw miss pac man today!

  2. hahahhaha XD omg!
    couldn't even see if its a male or a female

  3. you're so lucky you can wear circle lens! I tried and my vision got blurry.. i think it's cuz i have astigmatism on one my left eye :[

  4. I can wear them, but it takes ages for me to put it in my eyes since my eyes are so small xD and I normally don't wear glasses or lenses. so i'm such a noob xD lol


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