29 February 2012

China Glaze - Riveting Swatch

Oh my, oh my .. this is such a lovely nail polish. It's called Riveting and it's from China Glaze latest collection: Capitol Colours. It's an orange nail polish with yellow glitters, quite a striking color as you can see in the pictures. It has a lovely shiny finish. I'm in love with the formula and the brush of this nail polish ^^. It dried within a minute and it's not streaky at all and surprisingly, I only needed 1 coat, just 1 coat o.o! And the best part, it only started to chip after 5 days! This collection will be in stores from the beginning of March. What do you think of this nail polish?

28 February 2012

How are you following my blog?

As a lot of you might know, Google Friend Connect (GFC) will NO longer be available for NON-BLOGGERS from the 1st of March 2012. If your blog is not on Blogger, your Google Friend Connect widget will be removed which means all your followers will be *POOF* GONE!!!

I'm using Blogger so I will not be affected by this, but I know that a lot of you who are using Wordpress will. It sucks that Google took this decision T__T". We all work hard to build a lot of GFC followers and now it will just go away. Anyways, if you can't follow me through GFC anymore, please use one of these methods below to follow my blog:

27 February 2012

Paris Trip Part 2 : Sightseeing, City Centre

This is part 2 (the last part) of my Paris trip. I was in Paris for 2 days: on the first day I went to the Kpop Music Bank concert and on the second day I went sightseeing. I haven't been to Paris for a couple of years, so I forgot the names of a lot of places already. Paris is such a lovely city, I would love to go there in the future again ^^. Everything looks so pretty & chic! In this blogpost I'm going to show you some pictures that I took during my trip (BEWARE, picture heavy). Have you been to Paris before?

Have you missed part 1? Click here for the previous part.


26 February 2012

NAIL UP JP Magazine, March 2012 - Tsubasa Masuwaka

Hi Girls! Enjoying your lazy sunday?! I have something lovely that I would like to share today. As you can see, this month' Nail UP magazine is out! Nail UP is one of my favorite nail art magazines. It's great for nail art inspirations and how to's ^^! I don't often write about this magazine on my blog, because I don't think y'll are interested in it. However, I wanted to share it this time, because Tsubasa Masuwaka is in this issue ^^! So here it is, Enjoy ;)!

Would you like to have the whole Nail Up March 2012 issue? DOWNLOAD.

25 February 2012

Giveaway & Camwhore Contest Winners Announcement!

Thank you all for joining the lensvillage giveaway and the camwhore contest. I received almost 400 entries for the circle lens giveaway and 6 for the camwhore contest. For the camwhore contest you had to take a picture of yourself including your favorite product. I had so much fun watching your camwhore pictures ^o^, thank you so much for putting so much effort to it girls. Well, lets announce the winners shall we?

The winner of the circle lens giveaway is ...........

21 February 2012

Paris Trip Part 1 : Music Bank Kpop Concert in Paris

Together with my sister I went to Paris to see the Music Bank Concert ^___^. I really wanted to go to this concert, since there were a lot of Kpop groups who were coming: 2PM, Girls Generation (SNSD), Shinee, Sistar, U-kiss, T-ara, Beast and 4minute!! I was extremely excited because it was my first time going to a Korean concert \^o^/. Well, How was it? It was AWE-SOME! Of course, I took some pictures and videos xD hehehe... I will show everything in this blogpost ;). I had to take my compact camera with me since a pro camera wasn't allowed. Which means that the quality of the pictures aren't that great >.< the camera which I had with me didn't have a great zoom :(.


20 February 2012

MUJI Lotion/ Toner Dispensers

While I was at the MUJI store in Hong Kong, I bought a few dispensers. These really caught my eye, because I haven't seen these kind of dispensers in The Netherlands. These are suitable for liquid-y things, like toners and lotion. I went to Paris for 2 days a few weeks ago and I brought this with me. I was so happy that I brought this with me o.o. I can't live without my Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion now-a-days and I didn't want to bring the whole bottle with me because it's heavy. Therefore I had put a bit of the lotion into the MUJI travel container.

19 February 2012

Korean Make up Gurus on Youtube Part 1

I have been following many Korean Make Up Gurus on Youtube. I first didn't know that there were so many Korean girls who are making make up videos on Youtube! One of the first ones that I've been following are Catalina aka CL2425 and ElisaSung. I'm sure you've heard of these names before, but do you know any other Korean make up gurus? Let me share a few channels which I've been following for a while now:

I recently wrote part 2 of this blogpost, check it out here: http://www.memorable-days.net/2013/03/korean-make-up-gurus-on-youtube-part-2.html

1. Beautifymeeh
She is called Angel and is one of my favorites out of the Korean Youtubers. She was born in the US but her parents are Korean. Her videos are of amazing quality: good swatches, great lighting, good focus on the products and she talks clearly. She often shows Korean & Japanese products in her videos which attracts me the most.


18 February 2012

Vivi JP magazine, March 2012 issue - mag scans

Finally, the march 2012 issue is out. It was damn hard to upload the previous issue, since a lot of download websites were down because of you know why ¬¬ .. *sigh.. Anyways, thank you all for recommending mediafire, which I'm using now at the moment to upload the VIVI issues. If you haven't checked the previous issue, you can easily CLICK HERE and enjoy the February mag scans :). Follow me on facebook, twitter and/or Bloglovin' if you don't want to miss out any Vivi magazines anymore!

March 2012 issue
As you can see, Koda Kumi is on the cover of the March issue. There is a short article at the beginning of this issue about this amazing singer. Further, you will find a lot of Spring looks with pastel color clothing. Also, you will notice some cute dresses with animal or ribbon prints. Oh my, I really want to wear blazers, but sadly it's still too cold to wear them here. I've seen so many cute blazers in this issue, I can't wait until it's Spring! At the back of the March issue you will find some useful make up and hair tips as well :).

Would you like to read the whole Vivi March 2012 issue? DOWNLOAD.

The outfit that I like the most in this issue is (left one):

16 February 2012

Giveaway: Circlelenses from Lensvillage.com [CLOSED]

Lensvillage.com is one of the largest circle lens store, they provide the widest choice of color lenses that come with different kind of designs and colors. They offer circle lenses of the brands: GEO Medical, EOS, Dueba, Hana Spc, Kimchi and more. Go to their website to check out their assortment: Lensvillage.com They provide excellent customer service and usually reply your mails within 24 hours. If you're planning to purchase circle lenses there, you can use my coupon code 10MMD to get 10% off!

Lensvillage was so kind to sponsor a pair of lenses for a giveaway. One lucky reader will win a pair of circle lenses of their choice! Continue with reading if you want to know how to join this giveaway!

China Glaze - Capitol Colours, The Hunger Games

Can you still remember my blogpost about the Capitol Colours collection from China Glaze? Oh I'm so excited because the collection is almost in stores (early March 2012)! The collection combines rich crèmes, soft shimmers and bold glitters to create the limited edition 12 shade nail polish collection inspired by the movie: THE HUNGER GAMES! The ad features the tagline, “What will you be wearing to the opening ceremonies?” encouraging fans to support their favorite tribute and district by wearing a corresponding shade. Which shade would you choose?

13 February 2012

NOTD: Valentine nails with China Glaze Poinsettia

Hey girls ^^, Are you all prepared for Valentine's day? What y'll going to do ^^? Are you going out for a dinner with your love? Or are you just going to chill by yourself "foreveralone..." like a regular day :)? Whatever you're going to do, I wish you a lovely day ^^. Today I'm going to show you my NOTD, you can try this out yourself and show your bf your cute nails on v-day ;)! In this picture below, I matched it with a red lipstick from Catrice, shade luxury red 070. I used a nail polish from China Glaze called Poinsettia, which is from the let it snow collection, some light pink nail art stickers and dotting tools to create the hearts. Click on read more, to see more pictures :).

10 February 2012

Essie Swatch - French Affair

I don't have many Essie nail polishes in my collection, this is probably the second one. I bought this while I was in Hong Kong and it was around 60 HKD? or something, I forgot the exact price hehe. Anyways, I would like to show you some swatches of this Essie nail polish which is called French Affair.

08 February 2012

Peek into my life - Olympus Pen, my new camera

It's time for a "Peek into my life" blogpost ^^. Today I'm going to show you some random pictures. I bought an Olympus Pen a week ago and I still need to figure out how everything works hehe. (I'm such a noob). Anyways, I took some shots with my new camera and I'm going to show you a few pictures that I took ='D. I will write a review about this camera in the future, so make sure to follow me if you're interested!

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06 February 2012

Cute brown bow shoes from VIVI store in Hong Kong

While I was in Hong Kong I purchased a lot of shoes and this pair was one of them. These are called the cute brown bow shoes and I bought it a store called Vivi at NewTownMall in Mongkok, Hong Kong. It's not the official Vivi store, they just named their store Vivi lol. Quite smart though, since the Vivi magazine is extremely popular nowadays and most of their shoes that they are selling are inspired by the shoes which are shown in the Vivi magazines.

05 February 2012

NOTD: Princess Nails - Stickers from Bornprettystore.com

In this blogpost I'm going to show you my Princess Nails which are my NOTD! I recently received some awesome nail art stickers from Bornprettystore.com and I have to say that they are so pretty! I totally love it ^^. Anyways, I applied the stickers on a pink nail polish and I added some cute pearls on my nails, it looks very princess-y, so I named it princess nails. Click on read more to see pictures.

04 February 2012

Winner of the mirror necklace giveaway!

Thank you all for joining this giveaway sweeties. I had over 200 entries and I checked them all ^^! I'm happy and glad that most of you followed the rules. Anyways, Congratulations to the winner below, I will e-mail you to ask the usual information that I need to send the prize to you, so keep an eye on your mailbox! To the people who didn't win, I will be hosting another giveaway within these couple of weeks, so stay tuned! I'm sure that y'll will love the next prize ;). Small hint for the next prize: "eyes".
Source: picture from picky-palate.com edited by me.

03 February 2012

My thoughts & experiences about LUUUX.com

Can you still remember this blogpost: "Earn money with your blogposts!" which I posted last year? Yeah that blogpost was about LUUUX.com. A website that has grown within two years! It's a website where you earn points every time you add a post, comment or rate a content. The better the community says your content is, the more Luuux money you earn. The more Luuux money you have, the more things you can buy. That's right, you can exchange the points to get awesome products like a Michael kors watch, an ipod, ipad, or even a LV bag. I was active on that website (I spend 3 hours per day) when I first discovered it, mainly to check if this website wasn't a scam and I secretly wanted to have the Sigma brush set that I could get if I had enough points. Note: this is NOT an advertorial. In this blogpost I'm going to share my thoughts and experiences about this website. I FINALLY had the chance to make an order there, but the product wasn't the one I wished for =[ *sigh ..

01 February 2012

Mini Forever21.com Haul - Lace Back Dolman Top

I'm in LOVE with Forever21! It has become my ultimate favorite clothing shop xD! They recently had a FREE shipping deal and I quickly took benefit of it by purchasing something on their site. This was my first experience with the Forever21 website and I have to say that I'm very satisfied with their service. This is how the package looked like, very nice :) :
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