30 April 2011

Joey Yung (容祖兒) Number 6 Concert in London

On the 26th of April I went to the Joey Yung (容祖兒) concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Whoaa, it was so much fun and I'm glad she sang loads of old songs cause I was able to sing a long haha. There were so many Asians in the audience. (Chinese people in London makes me think of people in Hong Kong, they all look so stylish and everybody dyes their hair there xD.) Anyways, I took a few pictures and recorded a video for you guys. I didn't have the time to edit it. Besides, the quality of the pictures aren't very clear cause my camera sucks and I was sitting a bit far away from the stage (like 8 meters).

My sis and I, do we look like eachother? hmmm.. neahhh...
Joey and her pretty blue dress ^___^!
Everybody started to jump when she sang ^___^~ so much fun !!!
We got two small lights that we could use ='D.

Have you ever been to a concert before?

29 April 2011

Food in London - Yummy in my tummy

There will be lots of food pictures in this post so beware haha =p! I'm going to give you a brief summary about the food & restaurants that we went. We had a nice drink at Starbucks~ whoa everything looked so yummy!!! (Starbucks coffee was everywhere at every corner @_@ can't really miss it if you're in London.)
We had a lunch at Wasabi, a small restaurant where you can buy sushi and hot dishes. It was so crowded there xD so we gave it a try. The food was ok for an affordable price (4 maki sushi's for £1.-) ^___^.

We had dinner at HK Diner in China town. I often see commercials about that restaurant on t.v. so I wanted to try it out. Pfff, it was such a bad choice to eat there! The food was bad, the drinks and service as well =.=". Also the bill was high for a few dishes. Never going to eat there again & it's not recommended! (I ordered a taro bubble tea btw. which you see on the picture below)
Anyways, since we didn't finish the dishes cause it sucked =.=", we decided to buy some Chinese cakes, like polo pau (菠蘿包), wife cake, egg tarts (蛋撻) etc. as our midnight snack and we had a nice dessert at a  restaurant across the street.
The desserts were nice & fresh! Those black things are Chinese herbal jelly's(龟苓膏), the yellow stuff is mango and the white stuff is tofu (豆腐花). Yummm typical Chinese desserts ♥, can't find these in The Netherlands ='D.

28 April 2011

My London trip - Sightseeing

Hi all ^___^, I'm back from London ~! As y'll know I went to London for 3 days. In the following blogposts I will give you a brief summary about my trip ^___^! Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures since there wasn't anything special that was worth a picture lol.

I stayed at the Copthorne Tara hotel in London. It's a great & comfortable hotel, the rooms were clean, the food was ok, the service was great and it's near a subway which is good.

We dropped our luggage at the hotel and decided to do some sightseeing on the first day. We went to the London bridge, Tower bridge, Big Ben and the London eye. These were the few spots that I really wanted to see in London. However, it was nothing special actually lol.
Our eyes are so small in that picture cause the sun was shining in our face xD. (That's my sis btw. I don't look like her right?) It was quite cold but the sun was shining so bright ='D. Besides, we also saw a guy without a face lol lol, so fake~! haha.. We actually wanted to visit more places, but we all had a headache that day because of the weather and the high air conditioning in subways (it made me think of Hong Kong!). Anyways, I had a great time in London and I'm glad that I was able to see the Big Ben and London eye ^___^. Have you ever been to London before?

27 April 2011

Do you prefer to wear high heels, wedges or sneakers?

It's time for another Question of the week and this week's topic is about shoes! There was a time that I wore high heels every day. Not only because I think it's more feminine and prettier but also because I'm a shorty pants, I'm around 5'1. People in The Netherlands are quite tall so I feel very short when I'm walking with some Dutch friends =3. Anyways, I bought some grey suede wedges lately and believe it or not, these are my first pair of wedges. I used to dislike wedges since high heels are prettier I think =p. However, most of my friends says that it's more comfortable, so I wanted to give it a try. These pair of wedges are looking ok though and they weren't that expensive as well. You won't see me in high heels that often anymore since it's more comfortable to walk in wedge heels or just sneakers ^___^.
My question to you is:
Do you prefer to wear wedges, normal/high heels or just sneakers?

26 April 2011

Sheet mask swap with Elle ♥

I lalalapf sheet masks! I did a small face mask swap with Elle from Insideout Elle. Check her blog out if you haven't ;) She sent me a couple of My beauty Diary masks of the Blooming of Beauty series that I talked about in my previous blogpost, some Silk Whitia masks, VOV masks and some Japanese candy ='D. Those candies were nice hihi ♥. Whoa so many sheet masks that I haven't seen before and I'm dying to try it ^__^.

So far I've tried the Blooming of Beauty Lily mask, the cold stone mask is next!!! Super excited to try that one :D, I mean come on who doesn't like cold stone ice cream \^o^/!? I'm also curious about the VOV Charcoal Pack, which is a BLACK peel-off mask. I've never seen a black mask before :).

25 April 2011


Hi lovely readers ♥,
I will be gone for a few days, 3 days to be exact, since I'm going to London with my sis ^___^! I have never been there, so I'm very excited to do some sightseeing and shopping in London. I know that 3 days is way too short and I wish that I could stay longer, but unfortunately I can't =[. Anyways, since it's my first time there, I would love to ask you, which places you recommend to go ^___^.. this can be shopping malls/streets, food places I don't know, anything...! Btw. That doesn't mean that I won't blog these 3 days. I will write some scheduled posts, so you won't even notice that I'm gone hihi ^__^.

Source: flickr.com

Besides sightseeing and shopping I will also go to the Joey Yung (容祖兒) concert in London. Chinese readers might know her since she's mad famous in Hong Kong! She will be performing at the Royal Albert Hall on the 26th of April, which is this Tuesday ^___^. Let me know if you're going as well :D!  

24 April 2011

Happy Easter ♥ - Easter nail art

Happy Easter everybody! Have you found any eggs in your house yet ='D? Today I would like to share an Easter nail art. This isn't a tutorial since it's quite clear to see what I did in the pictures. 

You can change the middle finger into this if you want to:
Don't you just HATE it when this happens when you're almost done with all your nails >.<"?!

I used a dotting pen green and toothpicks.

What did I use for this nail art?
- Base coat: Hema dutch store & a top coat: Essie 3 way glaze.
- Catrice : #240 sold out forever
- Dear'Lee white nail polish for the dots
- Essence nail art glitter stars
- Catrice : #280 London's Weather forecast
- Catrice : #300 Be my millionaire
- Essence nail art twins glitter topper 07 blair

How did I do the ring finger?
Step 1: base coat
Step 2: Catrice #300 be my millionaire
Step 3: I applied Essence nail art twins glitter topper 07 blair with a toothpick
Step 4: Top coat

I hope you liked my Easter nail art ^___^ and I wish you all a Happy Easter!!!

23 April 2011

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid hydrating face lotion

What a LONG LONG title! I have read tons of reviews lately about the products of Hada Labo. Especially about the Hada Labo Gokujyun Super Hyaluronic Acid (SHA) hydrating face lotion which is a major hit in Japan, selling one every 4 seconds since its launch there. It made me curious and that's why I bought a sample to try at thesamplestore. It's always good to try a sample first, since it might react bad on your skin or sometimes it's just overrated.

This product was my FAVORITE PRODUCT of 2011, read blogpost here : http://www.memorable-days.net/2011/12/my-top-10-favorite-products-of-2011.html

What does it claims?
Hada Labo SHA merges with the skin to form a smooth, moisture locking shield. It has twice the moisture retention capacity of Hyaluronic Acid (1 gram of hyaluronic acid can retain up to 6 litres of water) to allow your skin to stay hydrated and smooth for a longer period of time.

♥ Instantly hydrates skin and helps preserve its optimum moisture balance.
♥ Replenishes and locks-in moisture for complete hydration. Skin feels significantly soft and supple.
♥ Helps improve dry and dehydrated skin, leaving it silky smooth.
♥ Skin pH balanced.  Low irritation.
Source: http://www.hadalabo.com.my

Chinese commercial
I was sold by watching this cute commercial, this girl is slapping it way too hard on her face hahaha. While watching I was wondering if you really will get that “toing toing” bouncy effect. And YES! you will, but they exaggerated a bit in the commercial.

It's around €9,50.- for a 170 ml bottle. It's a good price for such a large bottle. You won't need much product for each use, so I think that 1 bottle will last for a long time. Unless you're going to use it on your body as well.

Texture & Scent
The lotion doesn't have a scent. The texture is watery, it kept running off my hand while I took this picture.

How to use
Use twice a day after cleansing face. (In Asian cosmetics, lotion is a moisturizing toner used after cleansing but before moisturizer.) Apply 2 drops of product on the palms (and yes 2 drops is definitely enough for your whole face), rub your hands together and pat the lotion all over the face. Keep patting the product on your face. In the first few seconds the product will feel watery, after that it will feel tacky & sticky. While its sticky you will see that bouncy effect! After those few seconds, the sticky feeling will be gone and your skin will feel moisturized and very soft. It will give you a matte finish. This product can also be used on your body, which is great if you have dry spots.

Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, PPG-10 Methyl Glucose Ether, Methlyparaben, Disodium Succinate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Succinic Acid, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate. It is free of fragrances, mineral oil & colorant.

My opinion
This product is AWESOME! It's really like magic and I said "WAUW, COOL!" while I was patting this product on my face, seriously XD. It's really amazing how soft & hydrated my skin feels within a few seconds! It feels the same as your soft and moisturized skin after applying a sheet mask. This product will give you the same feeling within a few seconds! I can see why it's sold every 4 seconds haha. I recommend this to people with a normal, combination dry or dry skin. I'm definitely going to buy the full size of this product, but it seems to be sold out everywhere =/. I will review it again later after I used it for a while :). I’m now curious about their other products in the Hada Labo line!

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5

22 April 2011

Review: Blooming of Beauty - Peruvian Sunflower

I've tried a lot of My beauty diary masks from their natural key line already. I recently tried the peruvian sunflower mask of the My Beauty Diary Blooming of Beauty series. The Blooming of Beauty line is separate from the the natural key line and it has a different packaging, formula and price tag. These are limited edition masks and are quite hard to find on the internet & in stores. A friend of mine bought these masks for me while she was in Hong kong last month :). Besides the peruvian sunflower mask, they also have:
1. Japanese Hydrangea Mask – Oil Control & Soothing
2. French White Lily Mask – Whitening & Soothing
3. Formosa White Phalaenopsis Mask – Whitening & Evens skin tone
4. Vienna Black Tulip Mask – Firming & Soothing
5. Coldstone Damask Rose Ice cream mask - Brightening, Moisturizing & improves skin radiance (CAN'T WAIT TO TRY THIS ONE ^___^!)
The peruvian sunflower mask claims to be extremely moisturizing. It is suitable for all skin types.

It has a very cute packaging ^=^, cuter than the natural key line packaging! As you can see it's yellow & orange and there is a small sunflower on it. I'm loving the ruffled top as well! Btw. one box comes with 5 masks.

Scent & Texture
It is lightly floral scented. I like the scent of this mask cause it smells so fresh ^o^. The amount of serum is just like the natural key line ones and there is yet enough serum for your neck. The size of the mask is the same as well. However, this mask felt a lot softer than the regular masks of My beauty diary which is a pro. 

How to use
Clean your face and pat it dry. Throw away the plastic sheet. Unfold the sheet mask and put it on your face for 20-30 minutes. When it's time to pull the sheet mask off, you gently massage the excess tonic on your face and wait till everything is absorbed.

My opinion
It has a nice floral scent, it's moisturizing and the mask itself is very soft. However, I just expected to be more moisturizing compared to the natural key line masks. Unfortunately, these were below my expectations. This mask didn't blow me away, but I don't regret buying it either. My skin did feel soft after usage and it's overall a good mask, but I don't know if I would repurchase it since it's more expensive than the natural key line masks and I have enjoyed other masks more.

My rate for this mask is: ♥♥♥♥ 4/5

21 April 2011

Review: Hair Extensions from Hairextensionsnow

I recently got mailed by Alexandra, the marketing manager of Hairextensionsnow.com to review some hair extensions from their shop. Hairextensionsnow is an online store based in the UK which sells hair extensions of the brand Clipinz®. You can find a large range of products at their store at low prices and free delivery on ALL items ^__^! As y’ll know I recently went to the hair salon to cut my hair. I wasn't very pleased with the outcome and I’m missing my long hair =(, so this is the best solution to get long hair again \^o^/. I was very excited to try these out since I had never tried hair extensions before. ALERT: Picture heavy and heaps of camwhoring pictures lol XD!

They are shipping all products from the UK. I received the hair extensions in a week after they were shipped.

The hair extensions were sealed in a plastic packaging, very hygienic! Besides, it also came with a letter and a small book with more information about the brand, Clipinz® and their assortment.

Color & length
I ordered #4 dark brown 18” hair extensions (18 inch is approximately 45 cm). I chose for natural hair and a half head set which has 3 pieces. It’s also possible to get a full head set (6 pieces), which will create even more volume. The color of the hair extensions looks exactly the same as the color of my own hair, Awesome xD~ Besides, the hair feels very soft & thin as well, you can really feel that it´s real hair. Btw. It's 100% human hair and don't ask me where the hair came from, since I don't know o___O" ...

They normally sell these for £49.99 at hairextensionsnow.com. However, there is an easter special at the moment where you can get 25%- 35% off! Please visit their website for more information ;). I don't think it's expensive at all since they are selling it  very expensive here in The Netherlands.

As you can see, the clips are light brown. You won't be able to see those when you have the extensions on. A half head set comes with 3 pieces. Each piece has 3 clips and they will keep the hair extensions in place when worn. Overall Length 18" x Width 7.5". It's heat friendly, so you can straighten or curl it if you want to. These hair extensions can also be washed :). 

How to apply hair extensions?
It's very easy to apply hair extensions. I applied the 3 pieces while watching the video below and I did it within 2 minutes ^__^. You can see in the pictures that it matches my own hair color perfectly, it looks like I'm pulling my own hair out haha scary~. My hair is very thin so I really needed these to add volume. Btw. I don't know why but I look kinda angry in this picture xD lol.

Before & After
You can't even see that I have hair extensions on since it matches my hair color and it has the same structure (it's thin). And NO I didn't photoshop any of these photo's! Can you find the differences =p ?

Hair color - lighting
It looks light brown in direct sunlight, but it is dark brown in daylight. I look like a ghost in the right picture, I'm so pale ahhh =[ !!! You usually can see the difference of the hair color when you use flash, but this time, you can't.

After all of the camwhoring, it's finally time for my review! I first want to say: I LOVE IT! Really ^__^ LOVE IT! And I'm not saying this because it's sponsored, this is really my own opinion. The hair extensions are soft and it matches my hair color very well, it just blends in ^___^ which I like the most~ Nobody will notice that I'm wearing extensions ♥. I can't compare it with any other kind of hair extensions since I only tried these.

♥ It comes with a very hygienic packaging
♥ 3 pieces are enough to create volume
♥ Easy to use and it can be applied within 2 minutes
♥ 100% Human hair
♥ It's heat friendly and washable
♥ The shade matches my hair color perfectly and it will suit most Asians for sure!
♥ Thin structure, which is the same as my own hair and it's very smooth.
♥ No scent
♥ Clips won't easily fall down, it will keep the hair extensions in place when worn
♥ Lasts long (According to their website it can last 1+ year)

I really can't think of any cons ^___^, it's just awesome! I'm very happy with the hair extensions and I will definitely wear these on a night out. Thank you Alexandra for sponsoring me the hair extensions. Visit their website: http://www.hairextensionsnow.com to see their whole collection and don't forget that they have an easter holiday special - which means 25% off! And you can get 10% off on your second purchase if you "LIKE" them on facebook. Yes, yes, yes that means that you can get 35% off in total with free shipping as well ^___^!

Let me know if you're going to buy them and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. My question to you is:
Have you ever tried hair extensions before?

The hair extensions were send to me for review purposes, read the disclaimer for more information.

19 April 2011

Summer Roses Nail Art Tutorial

I haven't done a nail art tutorial for a while ^^. Have you missed it? This floral nail art is requested by a friend of mine. It's a very easy nail art tutorial like always ^^. I call it the summer roses nail art tutorial :). The colors makes me think of summer ♥.
What do you need?
Since I don't have nail art brushes, I used a yellow dotting pen in this tutorial. If you don't have this dotting pen, you can try to use toothpicks. To create this nail art you will need a yellow, green, purple and pink nail polish.

How to make roses?
Step 1: Bring one dot of pink polish and 1 dot of purple polish next to each other.
Step 2: Swirl around with a dotting pen or toothpick, don’t over-blend! Add a tiny purple dot if you want the roses to be more purple or add a tiny pink dot if you want the roses to be more pink.
Step 3: Dot some green nail polish on a piece of paper.
Step 4: Use your dotting pen or toothpick to dip it on the dot (see step 3) and draw the leaves.

Every rose will look different ;), there is no need to be precise with this. You can put large dots to make large roses at step 1.

Which nail polishes did I use?
- Base coat and top coat from HEMA, Dutch store.
- Catrice #510 Bye bye birdy
- Catrice #240 Sold out forever.
- Catrice #210 Just Married
- E.L.F. Lilac

I hope that this nail art tutorial helped ^_^, if you have questions, feel free to drop a comment below. See more tutorials here: http://www.memorable-days.net/search/label/nail%20art

18 April 2011

My Favorite Youtube Makeup Gurus

There are so many Youtubers that I'm following, but I do have some favorites ^_^ and I want to share those with you guys. I talked about a few make up guru's a while ago, like BeautyQQ, Fuzkittie, frmheadtotoe and more. (See previous blogpost about Youtube Makeup gurus) This is part 2 of my favorite makeup guru's on Youtube. I have listed it below in no particular order.

Katykissbo : http://www.youtube.com/user/katykissbo
A Chinese girl from Hong Kong called Katy aka Katykissbo. She never talks in her tutorials, but her tutorials are clear enough so it's not even necessary ^__^. Her style and makeup makes me think of ekimura ♥.

MisoJenny : http://www.youtube.com/user/MisoJenny
Chinese make up guru called Jenny. She is living in California and uses lots of Asian beauty products that I like ^^. Her tutorials are always fresh and are fun to watch.

Xteeener : http://www.youtube.com/user/xteeener
This is Christine aka xteeener. I'm quite sure that a lot of you already know her. I have been following her Youtube channel for a very long time now. She does lots of make up tutorials which is suitable for daily wear ^^.

Manwomenfilm : http://www.youtube.com/user/manwomanfilm
This is a make up guru from Japan. She is always very happy in her videos and you can see that she's enjoying life ^^ which makes it even more fun to watch. She did lots of tutorials and she even does it outside her house!

Subscribe to them if you haven't ;). Did you discover some new makeup guru´s? Share them below ^____^!

17 April 2011

Hype Kappers Hair Collection 2011 & WIN!

Hype Kappers is a hair & fashion store in The Netherlands. You can get your hair cut by top stylists at their store and you can also buy some cool gadgets & clothing there. They sell clothing of the brands Hollund, Eleven Paris, LeNow, Chival and more. They are located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft, Utrecht, The Hague & Zoetermeer (The Netherlands).

Hype Hair Collection 2011
They have a different collection every year. This year Hype will showcase two fierce looks of slick sides and rough upper hair. By creating these looks Hype puts the focus upon good hairstyling with personal and unique details like curls, slickness and braids for 2011.
All these hairstyles makes me think of the series of America's Next Top Model. The models will always get a total different hairstyle in the first couple of episodes. I've always wanted to have a very different hairstyle as well xD it would be a total change!!! (I'm always saying that while watching that serie lol) However, every time when I'm at the hair salon I won't dare to ask for an extreme haircut, since the outcome can be different than what you had in mind. Do you dare to get an extreme haircut?

Watch this video for the hair collection of 2011:

Source: hypekappers.nl

Giveaway time!
This giveaway is only for people in The Netherlands. Listen up girls/guys ^^! I would like to share this awesome giveaway that Hype Kappers is having. You can win FREE haircuts for a whole year at HYPE! The rules are easy so make sure to join ^__^!

What do you have to do?
1. "Like" Hype on facebook.
2. Share this link at your own facebook : http://www.hypekappers.nl/?p=1513
3. Write "DONE" at this facebook post. You really need to do all steps, otherwise they won't know that you're going to participate.

16 April 2011

Shoppingholics & Zoyou - I must be lucky this month!

EEEEK! I must be lucky this month since I won two giveaways xD: Circle lenses from Shoppingholics.com and a pair of earrings from Zoyou.nl.

Anna hosted a giveaway for Shoppingholics a month ago, where the winner could win an EOS or Candy magic circle lenses. Believe it or not, I was the one who won that giveaway !!! AAAAH ='D So, I went to the shoppingholics website and chose a pair of EOS lenses that I wanted. I chose the EOS adult blue circle lenses (E-203BL), which is from their old serie. After a week or so I received the lenses and whoa, the first thing what I said was: "Super cute x3"! Yes, the packaging was super cute!
It came along with a cute card and a piggy lens case ^__^.
I've always wanted to have blue lenses !! I haven't tried these on yet ^^ but I'm going to review them soon =D!

Besides the circle lenses I also won a pair of earrings. It was from a Zoyou giveaway which was hosted by Tasja. The winner could win a pair of bow earrings ^___^. Well, here they are, aren't these cute =3 ?!  
Like I said, it's my lucky month hahaha! What's next =p? LOL!

15 April 2011

Asian hairstyles

In this blogpost I'm going to talk about Asian hairstyles. Do you like Asian hairstyles or do you prefer different ones? I know that lots of people have cut it short ^__^. I like short haircuts as well, but since its still a bit cold here, I prefer to keep my hair long. I'm planning to go to the hairdresser this week. I usually bring a picture with me, but I can't choose which hairstyle I want (1,2,3 or 4)! So yeah, I would like to ask you to choose for me xD. Which haircut do you like the most? Do you usually cut your hair on your own? Or do you also go to the hair dresser?
pictures found on google, sorry that I took your photo without permission =$ hehe.

I also found a great website where you can see lots of Asian hairstyles for short, medium & long hair: http://www.rasysa.com/pkg/style/
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