31 January 2011

Review: Queen Helene - Mud Pack Masque

I've read many many good reviews about the masks from Queen Helene, like the Mint Julep Masque and the Mud Pack Masque. They didn't sell the mint julep masque in the store where I was, so I decided to try the mud pack masque.

Mud Pack Masque with Natural English Clay
Mud Pack Masque is the original old-fashioned, time-tested earth facial treatment with imported natural English Clay that works wonders for your skin. It's not only an effective pore cleanser, but also helps tighten loose, sagging skin on your face and neck and relaxes tired facial muscles to soften lines and wrinkles. The Mud Pack Masque facial helps you look your best when you're preparing to go out for an evening or helps you relax before going to bed. No matter when you use it, your complexion will have a clearer, smoother, more youthful looking appearance. Source: http://www.queenhelene.com 
I bought it for 4.95 at an African store (Afro shop) in Amsterdam. It's a large tube, so you can use it for a long time. It's quite inexpensive for such a large tube. There is 226.8 g - 8 oz. in it.

It's in a tube where you have to squeeze the mask out. I don't really like the opening of it, because the mask will stick at the opening, see picture below.
Color, texture and scent
The color is brown/salmon. It's a clay mask and the texture is quite thick, but it dries pretty fast compared to other clay masks that I've used before. I really don't like the scent of this mask. It has a strong fragrance which I don't like, it just smells like old grannies or something.., it's hard to describe the scent of this mask xD lol. You will smell it once you open it. However, it smells less bad when you have the mask on which is good :) 

Water (Aqua), Kaolin, Bentonite, Glycerin, Zinc Oxide, Propylene Glycol, Iron Oxides (CI#77492), Fragrance (Parfum), Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben. No animal ingredients, not tested on animals.

How to use?
Cleanse your face and neck thoroughly. Apply the mask generously and wait about 15 minutes to allow the mask harden. I waited till my mask was completely harden which was about 20 minutes and I had put a thick layer on my face. When it was time, I removed the mask with warm water and a washcloth.
Want to see a gross but cool picture? LOL .. are you sure? .. You are warned it's really GROSS!! When it's dry, you can see the impurities that have been soaked up by the mask, so all of your pores will be visible and I have LOTS of pores on my nose..  Check my pores out on my nose and chin - really EWWWWW~ GROSSSS!! XD LOL But this really gave me the feeling that it worked and it did!
My opinion
When I applied the mask, it started to sparkle a little bit, but that feeling was gone after a few seconds. It's a really GOOD mask which does what it claims. My pores were very clean after I washed the mask off. It did tighten my skin, but it also felt a little bit dry. This product is definitely worth buying, it's inexpensive for such a large tube and it works! The only large con of this mask is the smell. I really couldn't stand the scent of it when I opened the mask, but I'm happy that the scent is less bad when you have the mask on. I really want to try the Mint Julep mask from Queen Helene, I've read tons of good reviews about that mask as well ^_^.

My rate: ♥♥♥♥♥ 4.5/5 (only because of the smell)

30 January 2011

Current favorite accessories [Part 2/2]

This is part 2 and the last part of my current favorite accessories. Check out part 1 here: http://www.memorable-days.net/2011/01/current-favorite-accessories-ribbon.html :). All accessories are bought in stores while I was in Shanghai ^_^. I can't wait to go back there! There are lots of online stores selling these kind of accessories in Holland, but I do think that the selling price of it are way too high, since I know how much they are worth lol.
I really like the golden carriage xD it made me think of Holland when I bought it =P.
Hope you like my collection ^o^.

29 January 2011

[FREE] Hello Kitty Nailart Stamping Plate & Rhinestones

Another free stuff post today and this time it's internationally which means that everyone can get it ^_^! Thank you to sweet Jennifer for sharing this on her blog. Have you heard of the website Bornprettystore before? This online shop is selling lots of nail art stuff like rhinestones, dotting pens, konad nail art plates but also lenses and fake lashes :) Make sure to check this site out cuz their assortment is LARGE o_o!

Bornprettystore is giving away two things that I really wanted to have, which is the Hello Kitty stamping plate and Rhinestones (12 Colors 2mm Rhinestone Nail Art Decoration)! I've tweeted about this before, but I just wanted to share it here so that more people will know about this site.
Source: pictures are from Bornprettystore

28 January 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Chanel and Rinny for giving me this lovely award ^o^!
To accept the Versatile Blogger Award you have to follow these rules:
♥ Thank and link back to who gave you the award.
♥ Share seven things about yourself.
♥ Pass it along to seven blogs you’ve recently discovered and enjoy.
♥ Leave your recipients a note, telling them about the award.

27 January 2011

Review: My Beauty Diary - Pearl Powder Mask

Today I've tried the Pearl Powder sheet mask of My Beauty Diary (我的美麗日記面膜). According to their website, it is the 3rd best mask of their MBD natural key line. This mask is especially for people with a damaged and dull skin.
Main ingredients
- Amino acids, trace elements: penetrated through interior layer of skin, creates soft, fair look with radiance
- Vitamin-B, seaweed: activates and nourishes skin

What does it promise?
Softens, whitens, activates and nourishes skin.

Price & Where to buy?
I purchased this at Sasa.com for € 8.70, which isn't expensive at all. One box comes with 10 individually sheet masks. I highly recommend Sasa.com because they have a large assortment and the prices of the products that they are selling are affordable. They also sell a lot of other My Beauty Diary sheet masks ^^.

It has a white packaging with yellow bows and pearls on it- cute packaging ^^. You need to tear it open to get the mask out. Like all of the other MBD sheet masks, there is a plastic sheet folded into the sheet mask- throw the white paper away :).
The scent and texture
The mask has the scent of a cream which is ok :). The texture of the mask is thin as you can see on the picture and it's soft as well. The fit of the mask is just right for me :).

How to use
Clean your face and pat it dry. Unfold the sheet mask and put it on your face for 20-30 minutes. There is a lot of serum on the mask but it's not dripping. I had it on for 40 minutes or so lol xD. The sheet mask is cold and it feels very refreshing and moisturizing. When it's time to pull the sheet mask off, you gently massage the excess tonic on your face and wait till everything is absorbed.

My opinion
Repurchase? Yes :) 
This is the third My Beauty Diary mask that I've tried. After I took the mask off I could directly see the brightening effect, but NOT the whitening effect. Is that a pro or a con? Well, I don't like products which makes me very white since I'm white enough already^^. So I would say that it's a pro for me that the whitening effect isn't visible. However, this might be visible if you put this mask every day. Another thing that I like about the pearl powder mask is that it's very moisturizing and my skin felt very soft after usage. I would definitely recommend this mask to people with a dull and dry skin.

My rate for this mask is: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5

Read my previous My Beauty Diary mask review - Natto mask: http://www.memorable-days.net/2010/12/my-beauty-diary-natto-sheet-mask-review.html

TALLY WEiJL - Spring Collection 2011

Have you girls heard of the store TALLY WEiJL before? It's a clothing store from Switzerland and it operates in many countries, like Germany, France, Austria, China and more. They even have 9 stores in The Netherlands, I thought that they only had one here >.<" (Go to their website to see the exact locations of the stores) I always go to TALLY WEiJL when I'm in Utrecht (Centrum Hoog Catherijne) a place in Holland ^_^. I recently joined their Facebook page and saw their latest Spring collection of 2011. I just wanted to share it with you girls ^^.

"Like" their Facebook page and you can join their giveaways and competitions or go to their website: www.TALLY-WEiJL.com to see their whole Spring Collection.

These are a few items of the spring collection which I like =D. I'm really in LOVE with the grey bag, it looks so cute and it's affordable as well ^^ Do you see something that you like in this collection?
These two bags look cute. The right one has a bit of vintage style :)
Do you prefer the pink one or the black one? I like the black one more =p
Yesss, here i go again.. I have a bow obsession you know xD lol.. !
These shoes are looking classy but nice, don't you think =D?
Source: pictures are from the TALLY-WEiJL.com facebook page & their website.

Have you seen the Spring Clothing Collection 2011 already? : http://www.memorable-days.net/2011/03/tally-weijl-spring-clothing-collection.html.

26 January 2011

Salmon lover

Hmm.. I haven't done a food post for a while ^_^. Yesterday I went to Gauchos- a grill restaurant in Amsterdam. Ahh I haven't been there for a while but the food was nice as always ♥. I ordered a piece of salmon with french fries while the rest of the group took spareribs xD lol.. I'm not really a meat lover hehehehe..

I LOVE to eat SALMON! Sashimi or grilled salmon; they are both yummy ♥ and I can eat this every day!

24 January 2011

Is social status important to you?

[Non beauty related post today] In this post I will talk about the social status in school. Social status is quite important during high school and university. Let me categorize the groups: There is a popular "I am pretty/talented/cool" group, a weird gothic/drama group (I don't think it's weird at all, but people call it the weird group), there is a normal group and of course there is also a nerd group. Usually you will be yourself and you will automatically find a niche where you belong to and have friends which are a bit similar to you. Oh yeah, and we mustn't forget that there are pretenders, who will do everything to get attention and to get into the popular group- these are called Fake people. And I'm curious, which group did you belong to in school?
Source: picture found through google search

My answer: I belonged to the normal group, which is in between the weird and nerd group lol. I wasn't really a nerd, I didn't get straight A's and stuff >_<" yeahh, I wasn't that smart during high school hahah. However the older you will be, you will notice that your social status isn't that important.

My main question to you is:
Is social status important to you?

23 January 2011

Current favorite accessories- Bows obsession [Part 1/2]

Since two years ago I started to have this.... obsession- bow obsession >.<" .. Really, everything which has a bow on it, I think it's cute and I will usually buy it lol. Some people who went shopping with me would have noticed it hehehhe.. Just a simple, plain top or shirt can be super cute if you just add a small bow on it =p. And that's why i have tons of items at home with ribbons & bows, like clothes, shoes, bags and accessories XD. These are a few of my accessories which are currently my favorite ones (Part 1):
I bought these two rings and the necklace at a jewelry store in Shanghai ^_^ It's a pity that I forgot the name of the store =[ BOWSSSS ahhh I LOVE IT! Aren't these cuteeeeeeee ♥_♥?
My question to you: Do you have an obsession like this one as well?

[FREE] Lancôme - Génifique youth activator serum

There are a lot of ads about this product since mid 2010, it also won an award at The Glammies 2010 for the best beauty product of that year. It's called the Lancôme Génifique youth activator serum. You can get a free sample of this product, just continue with reading :). Lancôme has developed this product after 10 years of research and 7 patents. Wow, that's really a long time, they really had put lots of time to make this product o_o"!

What the Lancome Génifique Youth Activating Serum is supposed to do is boost the activity of our genes so the skin looks and feels younger. The 2 biotech active ingredients are Bio-Lysat – stimulates gene’s expression of the identified youth protein and Phytosphingosine – re-establishes protein synthesis and promotes the development of higher quality, more beautiful skin.
Source: text and photo Lancome usa and beautynieuws.nl


22 January 2011

Ads are AWESOME!

Usually when I sit in the bus, car, tram, metro or even when I walk I will look at the ads outside. I LOVE to watch/read it ^o^, some of them are informative, some are cool, some really make me laugh and some I don't get lol.. Do you like to watch it as well or do you think that it will make the city ugly? In this blogpost I want to share a few ads which I found on the internet:
Look at this awesome Mcdonalds ad o_o!


21 January 2011

Review: Garnier Essentials cleansing milk & toner

Remember my Garnier skincare routine? : http://www.memorable-days.net/2011/01/garnier-skincare-routine.html. I bought these because of my dry skin during the winter. I have been using these products for almost 5 months now. Today I will be reviewing two products: the Garnier Essentials cleansing milk and the toner. Garnier has a product line called Essentials in Holland, in some countries it's called Clean & soft or Soft Essentials. This pink line is especially for people with dry and sensitive skin.


18 January 2011

Tutorial with nail art 3D stickers

In this small tutorial I will explain what I usually do before applying nail art stickers. Some people just like to put the stickers on their nails after applying their base coat, which is fine as well. But normally I like to put more color in it and match a nail polish with the stickers. It really depends how the stickers are, if they are very simple I would apply glitters as well.


Review: Watsons Collagen facial & cream mask

This mask is called the Collagen intensive nourishing cream mask which is from the private label: Watsons.


17 January 2011

Love Buffet 愛似百匯

Some of you might know that I'm a huge drama addict ^o^. I've been watching at a new Taiwanese drama lately called Love buffet (愛似百匯). It's based on the original comic "Parfait tic" which is created by Nagamu Nanaji. Episode 5 was out yesterday ^_^!


16 January 2011

Vintage bag from H&M

I bought a vintage bag at H&M it's from their new spring collection 2011^o^!
At first I didn´t know which  color I wanted, but eventually I choose the brown one ^_^ too bad it isn't real leather ='(. Which one would you choose?
Source: H&M

Do you feel insecure without make up on?

A lot of people are looking VERY different when they have make up on. Especially when people use eyelid tape, circle lenses and fake eyelashes. You can look completely different. Just like them... can you see who they are? Yes, it's 2ne1 ^^.
Source: allkpop
It's the power of make up and photoshop ♥. I know that tons of women are using loads of makeup before they go outside, especially in Asia~

My question to you is: Do you feel insecure without makeup on?

My answer: Yes a little bit, even though I don't use much make up, I do feel a bit insecure when I have a naked face. I'm just used to put a bit of BB cream on my face before I go outside. Once you use makeup, you can't stop! I started to use make up when I was 19 years old, which is quite late already, since there are plenty of 11/12 year old girls using makeup already. When I was that age, I didn't even KNOW what a concealer was sheesh... Look at this little girl.. can you tell that she's only 12 on the right picture? 
Source: Chinasmack

14 January 2011

Earn "money" with your blogposts!

You may have seen or heard this on other blogs before because many Youtube users had been talking about this website since September 2010. And what's so WOW about it?; well like the title of this blogpost says; You can earn "money" with your blogposts!
How? By signing in for free on this website: LUUUX.
What is it? It is a community where you add information on the latest trends and cutting edge ideas which you can share with your friends. I actually see it as a blogging site that rewards you points (Luuux money) for everything you do on that website.
And how do you earn points? You earn points every time you add a post, comment or rate a content. The better the community says your content is, the more Luuux money you earn. The more Luuux money you have, the more things you can buy.

Source: LUUUX

13 January 2011

Review: Montagne Jeunesse Sauna masque

I've tried a few masks from Montagne Jeunesse already and I was really curious about this one cause I had never tried a self heating sauna mask before. This mask is for normal, oily (t-zone) skin.  


12 January 2011

I'm a HUGE fan of .... ♥

I'm a huge fan of Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 ^_^ In case you don't know her, she's a famous Taiwanese singer. She also played in a lot of TWdrama's like Devil Beside You, Why Why Love, Miss no good, Momo love and Hi my sweetheart. I've watched them all and I loved it, I even watched it like 3 times or something lol ^_^. I became addicted to her drama's since I saw Devil beside you with Mike He.

I'm trying to collect all of her original albums ^_^ since most of her songs are awesome as well ♥ and guess what, I even wanted to have the same haircut like hers when I was little cause she had a wicked haircut at her album: Ren yi men任意門. She's just so adorable \^o^/! 


11 January 2011

Join My Colorful Giveaway ♥ [ENDED]

Yayyy~ It's Giveaway time^^ ! I've reached 250+ followers already and I have my own domain ^_^ That's why I'm having a Cute & Colorful giveaway to celebrate this ♥! You can win 9 PRIZES! Continue with reading to get a closer look of the prizes. You only need to follow me through GFC or bloglovin' and drop your email in the comment section to enter this giveaway :) (Read more to see how to get extra entries!) 

What can you win ^__^?
1. Two Little Little Stars phone straps (Sanrio characters) 2. Mcdull phone strap 3. Starry necklace 4. Mashimaro phone case 5. Small maid doll 6. Small Puding notebook 7. Diddle pencil. 8. Four winnie the pooh clips 9. Two pair of phone stickers.

09 January 2011

Memorable days on FACEBOOK


Review: Garnier Fresh Essentials Cleansing Gel Wash

I have been using the Garnier Fresh Essentials cleansing gel wash for a year now and I'm quite pleased with it. This product is for people with a normal and combination skin. It's a gel wash which you can use daily. The main active ingredient of this product is the grape extract.


08 January 2011

Get inspired at Lookbook.nu

I'm quite sure that most of you guys know what LOOKBOOK is right? People across the whole world are posting their looks on this website. It´s the leading online community dedicated to fashion inspiration. People on this website likes to showcase their own looks and people who are visiting this website likes to get inspired by them. I love it ♥! I have my own account there, but I don´t post much, since I´m a bit lazy hehhehe...

However, I do have a few favorites that I´m following for a while and I would like to share them with you :). Do you have your own account at Lookbook as well? Post it in the comment section ^-^♥!

07 January 2011

Review: Sewame Red Wine Polyphenol Facial Mask

This is one of the first sheet masks I've ever tried. It's from the brand Sewame Paris 雪完美 and it's called the red wine polyphenol repairing facial mask. 


05 January 2011

Garnier skincare routine

I've been using products of Garnier for a long time now ^_^, probably longer than four years. There are a few Garnier products that I really like, but I don't like all of them though. I will review all of the Garnier products which you see in this picture in a few parts. Part one will be out this week =).


04 January 2011

How to remove glitter nailpolish

I've done a few nail art tutorials where I used a glitter nail polish. Some glitter nail polishes are extremely hard to remove. In this picture you see the Christmas party nail art, click here for the tutorial: http://www.memorable-days.net/2010/12/christmas-party-nail-art-tutorial.html.


I welcome you to Memorable-days.net, my domain!

I had mentioned it in my previous post that I would have my own domain name and here it is ^_^! YAYYYY!! *dances* I'm so happy cuz it took me the whole day to figure out how to redirect my old link to my new domain link. I'm such a noob, i know hihi ^-^.
Anyways, I welcome you all to my domain: 
I couldn´t really choose a domain name, so I had a small poll on my facebook page and on twitter and most of the voters choose this one. So I wanted to thank the people who voted for this domain name. Besides, thanks to my sis who bought this domain for me, it´s a small birthday present. (*ahum* my birthday was in september, this present is a bit late, but ah well ^^)

P.s. My blog was down for a few hours yesterday because of this. Sorry for any inconvenience :).

02 January 2011

Snow fairy nail art tutorial

I call this the Snow fairy nail art tutorial. Why? This nail art made me think of snow, because of the white sponge effect that I used. And the glitters made me think of a fairy somehow.. :P It's easy as always ^_^ just follow the steps.


Vivi JP magazine, February 2011 issue - mag scans

January 2011 has just started and the February 2011 issue of Vivi (Japan) magazine is already out! Have you missed the January 2011 issue? Go to this link to check it out: http://memorabledays-x3.blogspot.com/2010/12/vivi-jp-magazine-january-2011-issue-mag.html.

Koda kumi is on the February 2011 cover, she is a famous Japanese singer. In this issue you will see lots of vintage stuff :). Besides you will also read an article about the South Korean boy band: 2PM.

Skip this post if you don't want to see the scans. However, if you do want to see it, just move on ^^ The download link for this issue is below :) click on the link to read more.

Enjoy everybody :)

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