Outfit of the day - Simple Black

The weather is a bit gloomy these days in The Netherlands, makes me want to wear black clothing =p. Yes, the weather does have influence on the color of my clothing. Are you like that as well?

Anyways, this is my outfit of today, I call it simple black :).  I also made a very very short video ~ it's my first OOTD video on youtube, didn't really edit it since I was a bit lazy =p haha, but I thought that it was more fun to show my outfit in a video. However, I'm not used to it yet ( as you can see ) ~_~ it felt a bit awkward, so I didn't talk and my movements were a bit stiff hahaha, but ah well.. probably will be better next time :P.

Btw. I opened a new youtube account, so feel free to subscribe to my channel -  KawaiiPeachies on Youtube ;).

Yes I know that my mirror is a bit dirty >.<" lol .. leave a comment to let me know what you think about my outfit and do you prefer a video or just pictures, or both =) ?

Where did I buy everything?

♥ Round scarf: Bought in Shanghai
♥ Jacket: Bought at H&M - size 34
♥ Long black top: Bought at H&M - size 34
♥ Light brown shirt (XS) - Bought at VILA - see better pictures HERE
♥ Black legging (34) - Bought at Bershka
♥ Necklace: bird cage necklace which you can win HERE at my giveaway
♥ Ribbon ring: bought in Hangzhou - see better pictures HERE
♥ Shoes: bought at a store in Shanghai

Click on the label below to see my previous outfits ^__^

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